Bronze and Silver radio maps revamped

Since the ultimate gear map is a regular occurring map 4 times per week every week it has made the bronze and Silver radios obsolete.

I would like to suggest that you make the bronze radio map into a weapons part map identical to the one that pops up every once in a while. The silver map should be turned into a totally new map that gives liliths, adens, and Benedict’s only, say 2 of each.

The amount of trainers required is not even close to equal to the amount we can earn at this time. And after we run out of kits and tape from reaching level 125 there is no reliable way to get any more. These items are all key to keeping our accounts relevant and improving and shouldn’t be so hard to come by. Please make this happen @kalishane. Thanks.


I do like this idea a lot. All the gear in silver and Bronze maps are easily farmable or purchased in gear Depot for very cheap. However trainers are over priced in Depot. 14500 supply points for Benedict, 4500 assault markers for Lilith and Aiden.

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I prefer the idea of having it rotate out each day of the week just like the normal roadmaps.

Radios: put the radio roadmaps on a daily rotate out, just like normal daily maps. Make gold radios a thing.

Day 1 is uncommon+low-rare gear, as it is now, and gold radios give low-legendary gear.

Day 2 is silver ascendance medals + legendary ascendance medals, and gold radios give larger pools of both.

Day 3 is 4 star tokens + prestige tokens, with gold radios giving 5 star tokens.

day 4 is basic tokens + elite item tokens, with gold radios giving 4 star weapon tokens.

Day 5 is 2 star trainers + 3 star trainers, with gold radios giving 4 star trainers and a benedict at the end.

Day 6 is gear markers + supply markers, with the gold radios giving a combo of faction assault markers and survival road markers.

Day 7 is 3 star weapon parts + 4 star weapon parts, with golden radios giving critical components of both those rarities.

Day 8 is persona trainers with Lilith at the end + trait ability trainers with Ulysses at the end, with gold radios giving Adens.

Day 9 is scavenger camp supply bags, with gold radios giving the best supply bags.

Day 10 is territory stimpax of varying value, with gold radios giving territory cans

Day 11 is drug kits of varying value, with gold radios giving survival road tourney cans

Be willing to add new radio roadmaps to the rotation as new currencies are introduced or as the community requests. Reduce the gas per stage of all the radio stages to 5 for bronze, 7 for silver, and 9 for gold. Monetize this by making gold radios premium and/or high up tournament rewards. You may even consider adding 1 gold radio per week to the monthly premium pass in order to encourage its purchase, though I warn that this might be seen as a “pay to play” model by many, so if you take this route, I would encourage you to also create free ways to obtain the gold radios. As long as the rewards are balanced, scopely could value the gold radios at 1,000 coins.


The thing is, most of that stuff isn’t needed. 4* character tokens, drug kits, basic tokens, scavenger camp bags, etc etc, it’s just a pile of trash tbh.

The stuff we need is legendary gear, weapons parts, trainers, and ascendence tokens.


The issue is, you can’t predict the future. Just as supply markers used to be the big prize, now it’s legendary gear. It keeps changing. Instead of having to go back and fix it later if the top prize shifts, scopely should just add them all into this offline out-of-event rotation to act proactively towards future updates.

Plus, those 4 star tokens go a long way for lower players and for ascendance.

why not have instead of gear as we have gear maps 5 days out of the week we have 3* for brozens and trains for silver something like that ?

Heck even change it up have items for crafting. or drug kits, something like that

Bob’s idea is better because it favors intermediate and vet players. Plus there’s more variety than just legendary stuff and high-rarity weapon parts, which is definitely favored by vets to gain important weapon specials designed to make them even more powerful.

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I don’t think anyone playing for more than 2 weeks has ever said “man, I wish I could farm basic tokens to get 1* toons”

Scavenger camp bags are already in the camps. They’re a 2 hour mission. Devoting an entire day worth of roadmap space to farming these seems crazy to me.

4* weapons tokens are already available via 20ish territories that most players don’t care about.

My point isn’t that this is a big vs small argument. My point is that there are already routes to these items or there isn’t much in the way of a need for them, regardless of play level. It’s all easily attainable in game with very little effort required. On the other hand, 6* gear, weapons parts, trainers, ascendence medals etc. have been in a drought since release(except ascendence medals, they come and go).

There is no route to getting this stuff, outside of the odd weapons roadmap(first one in months) or placing well in events. Placing well in events certainly favors the haves over the have nots. So placing all of this stuff behind pay walls or at the top of leaderboards really just shits on long term competition and the middle bracket of players.