Broken raid points


Before Leagues debuted, players were able to accumulate 10-25 points a raid, but now it’s cut to 10-20 per raid. Please fix this.


i just got 23 points.


I still get the same trophies… maybe you need to adjust your team grade


Im talking about raid trophies, not league trophies. Im S7+ so far.


I get 21 as low in 2 regions you must be hitting some weak people to get 10


Don’t hit revenge broad during raid events if you are


team grade is related with raid trophies and league bonus… try make your S7 team your main defence team go to league front page, then go back to your original defence team. It will adjust your league bonus and your raid trophies as well


The raid trophies are listed, 23, 24 etc those are standard trophies in raids. If you avenge a faction member you do get less.


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