Broken odds! Support is trash!

Two stretches in a row i bought the gold mods offers from the season store. The 8 mods that were suppose to be 50% gold, 50% silver all turned out silver. The last two fac lvl ups we won were bout to be 33% gold, 66% silver. All turned out silver.

So the last 18 mods with chances for gold all turned out silver.

@JB.Scopely, how can your company try to sell people a broken game and not try to fix it. Your games odds are broken! Your in game support is trash.

I aint paying for nothing, no longer!
I can see clearly now the rain is gone…


A bit of math since you seem lacking of it:

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i aint talking about probability but odds smart@ss, go and figure. its like you roll the dice you’ve got 50% to go 1-3 and 50% to go 4-6. try rolling a dice 18 times in a row so it falls 18 times on 1÷3.

youre from support, right!


That would be (1/2)^18, so a super small number. What’s weird is you were super (un)lucky, and are living at the extreme left end of the bell shaped curve.
Odds are described by probability, and they’re kind of synonymous.

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the problem is that many people have the same super small number. many got 5 silver and none gold! so scamplay hands out other rewards as they say. rng my a$s. in excel e.g. random is very well defined. here it isnt.

i wrote about probability about a month ago but dont feel to repeat myself over and over again. so go brag to your mommy about knowledge… smarta$s…

Don’t know about support , they took that option away from me as I must have upset their sensibilities with a very minor swear word caused the the frustration of their banal corporate responces. Customer service at its finest well done.
On the upside it’s saved me £24.99 a month for the latest wallet squeeze.

@discobot roll 18d6

:game_die: 6, 5, 5, 5, 2, 6, 1, 5, 5, 3, 1, 6, 2, 6, 4, 3, 4, 2

7x (1Ă·3) and 11x (4Ă·6),
so not 18x (1Ă·3) or (4Ă·6).

that means only the games rng is broken, and they programmed discobot the right way. so not everything is lost :+1:

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Lol scopely didn’t program discobot these forums are a pre made template with the basic bot included for sure…
Hence why discobot understands probability :wink:


I failed math in high school :dizzy_face:

dont worry only mr narcissae here is intolerant and a smartas$ bragging around… not everyone has to have a masters degree, everyone is important.

its just that scopely tricks and decieves us. they write 50% on the rewards but that is not true… they write lies!

It’s a simple fact that if the odds says you have a 50% chance at getting a gold mod, then 4 out of 8 of those should’ve contained gold mod boxes. You don’t exactly need a masters degree to figure that one out. You do however need a doctorate to attempt to see things Scopely’s way

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It’s giving you the probability per box, not a running tab depending on how many boxes you open. It doesn’t accumulate.

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I think there is a bug actually, All Odds are very bad since last update.
20 pulls for Magna and got 20 4*, All Gold/silver Box went Silver and if you read the forum, lot of people are experiencing bad odds!
@JB.Scopely, can you take a look buddy?



than show me the opposite of me… someone who pulled all gold! oh it doesnt work that way, 50% working only on the disadvantage of the player? bs! dont try to defend scopely lies!

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Slot machines odds get audited, apps do not.

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Either way, it’s gone to the crapper.
Same with odds of getting maxed mods. It’s falling closer to the min vs middle stats.

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The road map has always been 90/10.