Broken Matchmaking

So, im in Victory. In our grouping, we are the 2nd strongest faction behind Vae Victis, yet we are sitting currently in 10th place. Why? Because this matchmaking is completely broken. We have matched Vae Victis, the top faction in the game, 8 times out of our total 19 wars so far. What the hell is going on?! Is there any type of fix coming soon? Can Scopely not do anything right??? 8 times out of 19 wars, what the hell is my faction even supposed to do???


They will pass it up to the “team”!

Don’t expect anything from them, it’s been like this for years.
They have to feed the party with the biggest pockets first.

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maybe your being punished for the vk users in the faction :joy::joy:


Currently Rank 18. Constantly paired against Top 5 Rank factions we have no chance against. Doesn’t help we got a couple of whale regions so going against any faction from those regions sucks major buttocks

So the game matches you with a faction that is one spot ahead of you in strength a bunch, and you don’t like it… Imagine how those mid ranked factions that you are asking to beat up for points, feel matching Victory everytime… :woman_shrugging:


I can’t stop laughing about this post. People always say whale factions don’t want competition and just want to feed on lower ranks, and I’ve never really agreed. But, here is a post confirming it. Boohoo, we’ve only matched easy factions 11/19 wars so far. Matchmaking is broken. Fix it. Lmfao.



Lmao only 8? We match the top factions way more than this.


Get good

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Wtf is Vae Victus?

AP/Endgame merge

Wow what an empty complaint. Your the second strongest you should be matching the top constantly and so should the rest of the top factions. If anything you have the only well working matchmaking around lol. Must be tough being the food you used to enjoy eating on the regular baha


maybe victorys sclass toons dont work as well as Vv’s you guys should contact vk and get your money back

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If u class yourself as the 2nd best then surely u should be matching 1st 3/4s of the time. This is how it goes for most facs at the top of the leaderbaords.


On the flip side though we matched with rank ten about the same time…so we were just bouncing back and forth between two factions with another one mixed in every three. So when you constantly get the same factions something is broken.

The fact that it is just that faction sure we have faced the rank three factions once…rank 6 zero times. It should be spread out don’t mind facing top dogs but spread the wealth.

Marching facs at the top is fine but not the same one over and over. We’ve just match VV but don’t even match with 2/3/4th place facs at all

Im in rockdale. I know what its like lol

Matchmaking has Always sucked!! We’re in wave 1 currently ranked 90 and we’ve not had a single matchup with any faction even close to us in strength let alone below us. It’s been 2 days of being paired with Only top 10 teams the entire time, its been like this for almost a year now with Zero end in sight!! It’s the reason why I haven’t been able to clear past the first milestone in over 8 months.

Expect this. This is why they made waves. Wave 1 with have the most active regions and likely a ton of good factions

I am that mid ranked faction that always seems to draw number 1 or 2. It’s very frustrating. The war is often over before I can defeat walkers in a structure and place a team. Typically don’t even have a chance to place a team, I win the tower then it flashes that the war is over.

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