Broken Heart Event

At the end of event will the extra broken heart pieces be changed to supply points or will it only be the tokens?


It’s always just been the tokens that convert in my experience.

I want to know how is everyone going to get another pen cause you need both to get the lilth
and yet its consumed to get the envelope?

Did I miss something?


Thanks. Wanted to check if it was worth raiding Continuously to get broken heart pieces to get depot points

Im sure i read somewhere that there will be a live event to get another pen an envelope

Additional items from Live Event. Hopefully from Milestones but suspect it will just be 1st place.

The second roadmap has left me 200 left hearts short of the next collection. Why have they done that? Anyone else the same?

@Paves we are all in the same boat. 800/1000 but at 600 per day we will catch up before the end.

You get 600 each day from the road map that refreshes and runs for 7 days. You’ll have 4200 in the end. Enough for all 4 collections.

Ok, thanks. Felt like it had only been running for two days! But won’t the timings be tight for cashing them in? Just over 4 days left on the collections once today’s expires, but still 4 roadmaps needed to get sufficient hearts, yes?

Surely scopely have thought about the issues that could be created by overly tight timeframes at the end of a museum event… right?

Well they always have. Oh, wait …