Broken Baseball Bats, After Event Ends

What use are these now?


Got the same, what a joke!

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@GR.Scopely what exactly are these for? Why on Earth would we need these after event expiry?

Convenient how these weren’t sent out whilst the event was still live…

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This game is absolutely crazy and broken


Seriously? This is just so damn idiotic

I got the same. This game is truly broken. It’s like game makers don’t even know what is happening nor how it works.

I got a bunch of masks bandages and bats … 7 inbox notifications lmao

I definitely didnt have as many left over as I recieved in my inbox…

Yeah me too. Crazy stuff. Could have got a load more bags if they’d done it a day earlier.

At least it’s not just me, funny thing is if I’d recieved these 4 hours ago I may have bought an offer to finish a roadmap

i think its from the collections that were complete when collecting from other facs. got them on my main but not my alt.

I had collected all my completed missions. There was nothing left for me to pick up but I still got a fair few.

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If you didn’t click the contribution button on faction missions it didn’t update and allow you to claim, that could be where there from

I think we all got them though.

Hey you all asked for them lol Classic Scopely hahaha

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@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely any info on what this was for and how it matters when the event is over?

I assume its a bug thats resending the Fac Objectives that we claimed.

What i received corresponded with the objectives i claimed.:slight_smile:

Not true bc i claimed all completed and these were low levels 5 and 10s … So def from something else

I’m not fazed. There may be an event pop up later where they reuse the same tokens. Remember the purple one token = one pull on the Erika wheel. Great times for some.