Bringing incentives back to tournaments

Hello, as you all know my name is Sawyer. (Yes, the famous one) I have gathered you all here today (or whatever day you’re reading this) to plead with both the Player Council and Scopely.

No, I’m not running for a seat. Instead I’d like to bring up priorities. Firstly, I’d like to discuss how I feel that the recent coming changes to war is the wrong priority, although I do not disagree with adding more advantage to winning a match, it should have been 10k rather than 20k because this change effects hundreds of medium factions for the benefit of a dozen top factions and medium factions are already at a disadvantage with how S class system is and the roster change up. let’s not get off topic because I feel this choice although with the good intention is the wrong way to go about it.

If you want to build and get more competition out of the game, the best way to achieve this is to make a REAL incentive for it. Bragging rights go as far as a line chat or communication. What we really need is an absolute overhaul on the bracket system within tournaments, they’re so terrible put together and leave no incentive for improvement or something to feed competition with medium and lower factions. We need a reintroduction of a bracket system of multiple levels and most importantly… and I cannot stress this enough… rewards.

Over the past few months I’ve been talking to veterans on the edge of retirement in the game and trying to find out what extinguished their fire for the game specifically and my own. Multiple times it comes back to rewards, gaps and gimmicks.

Rewards have become lackluster, even pulling premieres is no longer exciting because you get a 6* but you have to wait weeks to S class it or spend hundreds to thousands to S class it immediately which is absolutely absurd when you think about where we were just 12 months ago with the game! But it’s not just about S class… so let’s talk into it.

Solo level up is rewarding only top 3 collectibles… why? Why not top 100? But it’s also disappointing because instead of a choice box for top 3 we have specific collectibles which some may want, need or not… but why not a multiple choice box? Either way, few pieces gear, trainers, medals etc is feeling like lack luster rewards and not striving for competition. Faction level up is only Rewarding top 2… same thing, bracket system needs redone, incentive and rewarding to more factions even if smaller increments. Every other tournament needs some adjustments on all this as well, remember incentive and brackets.

Most important tournament is war… war… war… and war… some people don’t like it but the fact is war is the biggest attraction for majority in the game, it’s the most hands on team work involved event and it’s why most stick around. There was a time long before many played (can’t believe I can say that) that war used to have a brand new toon as a reward every war! Can you imagine that? Some of you remember it… you would get a real deal toon like Erin or you might get something that wasn’t that great like Pam… now this caused issues because the first place faction normally always got the toon but for most regions they still had incentive to improve and get better to try and take that brand new toon because you never knew what it was going to be, good or bad. Eventually sometimes! those toons moved from being a first place reward to 2nd place reward or 3rd place reward… (Skylar really got passed around) this was also a thing for events like raid and level up that kept people on their toes to prepare for a future one because it could be a great character to fight for and one heck of an incentive but shortly after 6*s appeared this became a thing of the past and rewards started to become medals, gear etc… people stopped talking about the excitement in an tournament, it wasn’t fun… it was like a chore to keep up… great way to micromanage down your game but in the end it hurt the game more than anything as people just felt like there was nothing to fight for but pride and bragging rights and that is where we nearly still are today… I don’t care about bragging rights, pride can go only so far when that is the only reward… why we aren’t aiming to truly change this and build both a healthy tournament bracket and getting actual rewards again that don’t make you alittle stomach sick every time you see them and watch them grow worse is beyond me because this problem would fix many other problems if we can do it right.

I stress these changes be made to the brackets and rewards because not only do rewards feel incredibly disappointing and take away from having the incentive to compete and the game be less boring… but we have recently been cattled into regions these past few months while smaller and medium factions here are stuck to suffer more than ever as they get forced… literally forced down the leaderboards to no rewards and ultimately no fun or chance to enjoy. The number of people in these regions building up is growing while brackets and rewards treat them even worse… most of them never asked to be apart of this.

Tip to Scopely, stop adding in this garbage to every event you all do like this Halloween one for example. You want people to truly get pulled into your game every event, not push them farther away from wanting to play the game. Trainers, gear, cakes… no… people want characters, something exciting to make them happy about the game and keep them intrigued and nothing more pushes a player a way like spending time doing several of your events in a row throughout the year and getting lame chance of trainers and useless items… Reward your players for the longer they play your game and go through these seasonal events. I promise you if you had made this wheel only the characters and can only do an X amount of pulls during it you would have had a lot happier and excited playerbase right now. Less trick… more treat.

I’d like to note that people should take this with an open mind. It’s not an attack, I don’t want drama. It’s an opinion and a lot of others as well and I’m just pleading it. I know PC only has so much control but Scopely you have the power.

  • Sawyer

-Edit. Changed title so it was less confusing from “Sawyer to PC and Scopely” to “Bringing incentives back to tournaments”


It’s really a shame Scopley doesnt even care enough to read passionate well thought out posts like this one


Thank you a-rex1 and I agree. It will fall on deaf ears but sometimes you just gotta try anyways.

I really think it’s time they add in a 6* wheel as well and start handing out tokens for it rather than 5* tokens in many events for higher placements.


It is a shame, shows how much they care about their customers :pensive:

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Very well said​:clap::clap::clap: its a shame it’ll fall on deaf ears. I’m behind you 100% and agree. Scopely y’all need to listen up!


Will try and help u tho @JB.Scopely @TayTron @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely pls read this and at least acknowledge… customers who give this amount of feedback aint customers who have self interests or trolling. They actually care about the game they have been a part and want to see real improvements


Carl to the museum.
Sorry I couldn’t help but say it.

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It is certain…

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Soz tldr

@Sawyer_Northman are you from Harris

I’ve been around a lot but never Harris, I’m originally from Webster region but have spent time in Irwin, Effingham, Bryan, WoC, Walker, Henry, Rockdale and lastly residing in Autauga as of now :slight_smile:

Oh got to say there’s a person in Harris who has the same name as you and talks in a similar way

Well said, I agree with all of that. I just went through the annoying grind in this useless Halloween event to get a single Burt… Really, how in the blue hell is a single trainer a reward for hours of grinding? Problem is, even if I grind away again to open the next roadmap to get another chance at that wheel… I’ll just get another Burt, guaranteed. Way to go Scopes, you never fail to disappoint.


Imposter or an evil twin… haha, but nope not me.

He’s not that toxic guy.

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Kudos @Sawyer_Northman
Well said and well put as usual


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Too long didn’t read… Clift notes version please.

Brackets are terrible and rewards are terrible and need fixed for incentive to compete. And seasonal events have been terrible and need to stop having trash gimmicks tied into them.

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Excellent write up that Scopely need to take note of


If you go to preferences, users, you can mute anyone there and never see their notifications so if they tag you, reply to you, etc, you see nothing, like they dont exist, i am starting to believe that the CM, devs, mods, etc of scopely have a special “mute everyone” button and muted the whole forums