Bring shiva back


bring Shiva back to the 5star wheel plz


Nah, I think we’ve got a good selection of toons on there already.
I’d rather toons be added that were never there.


thinking only about yourself, smart. A lot of newer players don`t have her and could use her


Of course I’m thinking of myself.
I’m the most important person.


you`re really not, not in a game of this kind


I think you may be mistaken, pupper.
I really am.


overvaluing`s not healthy


jb is most important. or lockdown. #lockforpresident


Definitely not the second guy.
JB is ok tho


There are other ways to get her. She’s not that good anymore anyways tbh. Wanted her for a while and now that I have her she’s just collecting dust.


Maybe you’re being the selfish one :dizzy_face:


We talking prestige wheel here or tent tokens?


Both (7 chars)




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