Bring LiveOps here

@kalishane there are so many suggestions and complaints about the type of tournaments i.e. two solo level ups in one week and the rewards attached i.e. one piece of gear for hitting the top milestone or Trainers as war rewards.

Now, rather thank you taking the flack for it all could we get the LiveOps team to come to the forum and answer some of the questions? It was great when the devs were able to clarify some things and it would be really good if the LiveOps guys could also do that. With all the respect but they don’t seem to listen to you when you take the comments to them so perhaps it would be a good first hand experience for them???


All you’ll get is the same answers:

Thanks for the feedback. We will take this into consideration.

I’ll take this to the team.

Keep on surviving

Feedback ignored because Whales love what we’re giving the playerbase. It shows when the grind hard in our events, purchase things in the game, and basically spend their money, so no need to change anything anytime soon.

They would have to have some big balls to come over here, look at the abuse @kalishane takes from people here even though we know she can’t do much only take what we’ve said and bring it back to them. All he’ll would break loose and the trolls on this would have a field day, don’t think that’s ever going to happen bit nice try.


Wonder if there’s a tar and feather meme somewhere?

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To be fair it’s probably not Live Ops fault either. I think a lot of people would treat them alright.

You must realize it’s the upper management that controls the direction of this game. And they know exactly what they are doing with tournaments and prizes.

But I still don’t think Live Ops will show, because then they would have to explain in some fashion, why the rewards are so bad.

Management doesn’t want that. They want the illusion that the “are working to improve rewards” not the truth of, “ oh well we honestly try to give you guys the shittiest rewards we can get away with” (while still making sure to maximize competition and spending of course)

Live ops would be welcomed by me though. I know when they put out those bad rewards they are just doing their job, just like the meter maid that writes you a parkIng ticket.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game!


In all honesty we dont need live ops, Shane actually answered a lot of questions last night, there is two statements I have found from her so far.

about faction events vs individual

Believe me, I know it’s one of the best parts about the game. The issue is, there’s more engagement in solo. And it’s most likely most of those players are not on this forum – lone wolves and such. I would vote for a faction tournaments myself – I think it’s more fun!

and about rewards:

Rewards. I said what I know recently but, giving 5* ascendables out right now would put a giant wave of them out at once and we want the game to evolve at a healthy pace. That being said, I will continue to give the feedback and share these sentiment regarding the 5* rewards. I imagine you will see 5* rewards before 5* ascendable. But I can’t confirm.

as well as a few other answers here

However I think the two that I have quoted probably answer most of the questions that anybody would ask Live ops. we get more individual events as their data shows they have more participation (spending)in them. people that participate in faction events tend to be the people that are willing to hoard for ages to help out their faction, therefore while they might participate they dont spend, and others just coast during faction events (level up and raid) and take the rewards that others earn for them.

and we wont be getting 6* as rewards as that would flood the game with them (for this I read we dont want to give them away yet and would rather try to sell them for the next couple of months) as the game is already flooded with them, and it is rare to raid a top 200 player that doesn’t already have at least 3 6* in their team.

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You see how people treat kalishane? kalishane would never bring liveops here until people learn how to behave better. I think she even said she wanted to bring liveops to the forum but feared they might be reluctant to with the rude behavior going on in the forum. You think anyone would behave and talk to liveops with respect? I absolutely don’t believe anyone would behave and they would be extremely rude to liveops. You can have your dreams though, nobody is stopping you from dreaming. I mean come on, look at the guy above me that got his post flagged. (BTW, I didn’t do it!) I am not the only one that gets tired of seeing all the Scopely bashing and people being rude to kalishane or other community members.

nah she didnt treat them with BS bans. If they got banned it is because they deserved it with their behavior and their language and treating the community and her like crap too. I have never seen anyone ask her for nudes, you are going to have to prove that before I believe it. There is no bias against the players that speak out, you can find plenty of examples of people that speak out against kalishane, scopely, liveops, iugo, and whatever but they do it with a little more respect than your faction mates had, whoever they are. I don’t care if you guys go away or stay or whatever, just don’t say you are quitting and then come to the forum daily to complain about a game that you quit and don’t play anymore.

really? give me some names of your faction mates on here and I will look through their posts if they are just suspended and I will see for myself if they were utter BS. Also if you are not gonna provide some proof about the asking kalishane for nudes thing then I dont believe you.

Cause your talking shit, if u had proof u would show it and scopely have shit on us not @kalishane, she’s here to do a job and if someone asked for nudes that would be a ban straight away, it’s fuckin sexual harassment and your faction mates are talking Shit too, otherwise prove it.

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lol calling them family like you are manson himself lol ok whatever then make vague accusations with no proof and say they got BS bans but they were probably deserving of them! I have been suspended, they would have to be suspended first and then banned unless they saw the line and pole vaulted over it with no chill to get a ban and not a suspension first. anyway im done talking about this. have a good day dood.

i didnt harass you, i laughed that manson is dead haha nothing else, derailed the thread? that is what you did after you replied to me, you got me going. we are both to blame for that one!

Rez - Oh and by the way. My black friends laugh at *igger jokes. My gay friend told me if ppl were offended by me saying *aggot in my music the they were *aggots. Not every word is said with the intention of true hatred.

Rez - Those are 2 of my favorite words/insults. Along with *uck, *ocksucker, donkey *aping *hit eater and .oucheholster. Its the age of the internet and they are just words. Worlds gotten too ****amn politically correct and it *lows dogs.

Rez - sure. Scopely isnt to blame for fucking up a good game and treating its paying customers like shit. Nope. Its all my fault.
Btw. Shes not gonna fuck ya even if ya tip your fedora extra classy like

should I keep going or is that enough for you. he was literally asking for a ban. he even accused me of trying to get with kalishane and saying she is not going to get with me or fuck me.

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dont forget to read my edit. should i really keep going? give me another family member and i will look up their posts too.

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My question is… What is liveops

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What scopely have to say, what scopely have to do more for you to clearly understand that THEY DONT GIVE A FUCK. Stop trying bruh they dont care

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We want to believe, we want to have faith but we got to accept the truth they dont care and never had

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