Bring hordes again!

It’s been a very long time we haven’t seen it! What’s the use of those refills if we cannot use them, it’s been missed really @GR.Scopely


Not really, hordes need to die


RIP hordes enjoyed it for a bit but now it is terrible.


If their gonna bring back hordes

Bring back the stash with x20 basils, x10 benedicts. And a toon for completing it (A new exclusive or just re-use joshua, and for finishing the 2nd stash another toon.)
I liked hordes mainly it was fun being the zombies. But it just got boring and became meh. Only reason was for them 20 basils. (This was back in April before scopely went full on F*** the f2p)

There was 10 x20 basils stacks
and 5 x10 benedicts.


I liked hordes but unfortunately it died with S-class


Im pretty sure if you have a right s class team of all s class You be unstoppable.

Whenever I played hordes. If you ever lose to 6* that means they were real HP and def beefy wise. Since All my zombies was all close and just died since they took damage but like it took small amounts of the healthbar.

Winning against is easy or medium depending on if their beefed up.

Deadass if they bring back hordes bring back the stash. I want those 20 basils n benedicts. Shit was good for leveling up toons.

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If they brought it back the walker cards need to be beefed up and I did like the stash too

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Would be like this.

15 x20 Basils (Your highest chance)
10 x15 Benedicts(Middle chance)
5 x5 6* gear (Canteens, Gps)
5 x10 5* (Military watches, radios)
5 x6 6* trait gear(Holster, Magazine bandolier, Whetstone,Hockey masks)
5 x6 6* Gear(Sports gauntlets, Weapon tripods, Practice Dummies,Knife sheath)
5 x6 5 and 6 gear(Walkie talkies, School bags, ETC)
5 x50 legendary metals
5 x10k ascendance metals.
1x joshua(Lowest chance. And they can either reuse him or re add another exclusive toon or make a new exclusive stash toon) Then the next stash would be either. You can choose 2 6* or a 5 star weapon(Red And Green)

Knowing scopes. Hordes and AOW are two things I haven’t played in a long ass minute. Last Time I did AOW was in the summer. Ever since then it’s all CRW. Except for the new realms.

Scopely kinda shot themselves in the foot here with S-class. Right now there’s no way a walker can kill a S-class, especially with max rings. But if you bump up the stats on the walkers to match the S-Class, the walkers will tear through any regular 6*. I’m not sure there’s any middle ground either.

My guess is that Scopely is just delaying this until everyone has a good number of S-class, then they’ll bump up walker stats and forget about the 6*.


They should make a walker reflect.

So if a s class priya kill it. 50% chance it’ll reflect damage.
(Any reflect damage on a s class priya who’s atk is high enough is a insta kill on her)

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I remember monthly hordes

What we need to see is onslaught as it has the only relevant rewards other than Lilliths and gear available

Hordes can have rules like some arenas to balance game.

  • no sclass allowed
  • rings and mods not working in this game mode

Everything is possible to fix this event but scopely is too lazy, no passion for twd and players, no money from hordes.

Btw. I liked hordes better than lvl ups and sr few times in a week


I despised hordes, it’s not the game I’ve spent hours and hours building, game play is tedious and boring


TRue im have 80 refills and im cant use no have the event.


You can download plants versus zombies in Google play or the App Store.


faction onslaught this weekend


Could easily make it 6* only. A 6* only (non-s class) évent would be awesome.

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S class are just a different 6s generation, there’s no difference between a normal 6s and a sclass in dog tag value making teams

Tomato tomato they could exclude them easily of they wanted to.