Bring back war on Fridays plz


With the release of the first April tournament calendar, the next war appears to be Saturday through Sunday, much like the last war. Why is war being shortened.???From a personal standpoint, since i can barely war on Sundays due to family and work obligations, I normally aim for 50k-75k in war Friday nights then war freely on Saturdays. Now for me, war is going to become a job where I will have one day to help my faction and complete the milestones and if something comes up on a Saturday then that is a wasted war for me.
*I can’t speak for the community but I know that many people have weekend obligations, work, family, religious obligations, wanting to eat and sleep…etc
*it’s already bad enough the region activity is way down. I’m in a top faction and we queued within 5 minutes almost every war, but then we searched for 30 mins to an hour sometimes because no one else was searching. Thus, we should need more time to secure milestones, not less.
Ps. Please no more 8 regions in crw if you are going to give the same prize structure as 3 or 4 regions. Prize structure should correlate to the number of regions participating.
Thanks for reading


It really needs to be a CRW for this upcoming one. Region wars are getting boring


yes friday night would be better


A blitz war during week would be nice tho, 3 weeks waiting for another war is way to long imo.



I’m in Australia and war now starts at 4:00am Sunday morning and ends Monday afternoon. Family and work commitments leave very little time to war now.


I don’t see where this benefits anyone. The majority are happy with war fri-sun.


Start time for faction events is irrelevant, I’m in UK & while it is unfair to have solo events starting at midnight & ending 5pm the next day when it comes to faction events it simply doesn’t matter.

I wake up most Saturdays mornings to see my American faction mates already have us in 1st place & then it’s mine & the other Euro’s job to keep us there.

All they get is an extra 8 hours worth of supply points from crates.


I’m in the UK and feel differently as last time it didn’t start until Saturday evening, giving us even less time to war than we used to. Makes it virtually impossible to hit minimums


I guess it depends on a few factors such as family life and the rest of the faction (a lot of mine are in the US so while in theory I can get lots of wars in on Sunday, I actually can’t because people are sleeping). I used to hit nearly 200k but last time was about 70k. If it starts at a reasonable time on Sat then it won’t change anything for me, but as I said, last time it didn’t start til the evening and because of family I’m not able to pull an all-nighter.


I assume that means you aren’t in a faction where it really competitive to even get into the war party. I may well be wrong but I know in my faction it can be really difficult to even get in meaning that extra day really helps. Especially since for me it’s really only the Sunday I can war now the cut it short. Mondays are no good.


You don’t have any Asia pacific members in your faction? I’m in Aus just saying it’s more of a level playing field if everyone has a shot at both days of the weekend doesn’t really negatively effect you other than you may miss out on a one day solo level up! But don’t worry there will still be 2-3 level ups a week. I’m not attacking here just saying sometimes gotta consider other people too!


Just another forced change that nobody wants. So stupid man.


I’m in the no #1 faction on an older server. Getting in war party is the first challenge as Aus has slow internet. Second challenge is getting a war match in less than 20 mins. Then no one rebuild against us so you only get 6-8 attacks in scoring 5-6k in each war. Takes a lot longer than 5 hrs to score 100k. Was much better starting on Saturday morning and I could do it in 2 afternoons/ evenings.


Yeah, bring it back :cry:


Thanks for the feedback guys! We also see a lot of requests for shortened Wars due to how time-intensive it is.

We are testing this currently, at the moment it is not permanent. Make sure to also answer your surveys similarly and tell your faction members to do so as well. This helps us optimise the event as well!


Thanks for the response, i would say at least 90 percent of players are oppossed to the shortened war.


I think the main part is finishing the milestone quickly. More milestones or resetting would probably be the main fix for that. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard somebody say war was too long but probably because they would get castrated for having such a blasphemous opinion.

How does the feedback system work? I don’t remember ever seeing a forum post about it or anything, so where do these requests come from? Should we put our recommendations with that method rather than forums?


I think people would be fine with shortened wars as long as milestones are adjusted. A sat start time is fine for me (I’m on the east coast) but I hear people overseas don’t like it since they have shorter war time.


I just did a quick forum search and can’t seem to find any requests to shorten wars. Shorten scout time yes but nothing about overall war length. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction?