Bring back the old HUD


The original one was way better than the new coming with the update. Clicking twice to open assaults for example is really annoying.


I actually like the fact the majority of the icons are hidden, until I need them. Visually it’s much better.

Also, gives them more space to create new icons directing me to the shop :laughing:


We can be sure that every offer icon won’t be gathered in one lmao


Yeah I like the changes :+1:




They won’t HIDE all those bs offers on the right side though…


Yeah, it’s not often they get stuff right, have to give credit where it’s due.

It’s like when your kid shits in the potty for the first time, yeah you’re angry cos your carpet is covered in shit from all the failed attempts, but they still need that motivation to keep trying.


I don’t mind it, but “Versus” and “battle” are quite bad terms for what’s actually behind both icons.


I think Versus is fine. Versus = PvP, which is exactly what is there. Territories and Raiding and I assume war will show up there if not on its own icon. “Battle” however is a bit undefined. I mean, it could very well fit for anything pvp or pve.


What I would prefer is if the Battle menu bar, by default or by a setting, would remain open at all times. Just a personal preference.


While you’re right, I kinda feel like the way it’s worded is like a 12 years old put it in. Just my personal opinion, though.


Should have just went with PvP and PvC. Or Versus and Maps. Shrugs.


But really if that is the worst thing about this new update I will take it.