Bring back the loss count on the profile page! This was like a badge of honor having over 20,000 wins and under 1500 losses. The count also helps with recruitment being able to see how they rate in raids is good to know and gives a general idea of how they can do in war. There is alot of info that can interpret from the win loss ratio.


I’m gonna miss my 34k wins to 400 loss numbers :confused:

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20k wins,
1280 losses :broken_heart:

Nah, let’s just continue on down the path to absurdity and also take away the wins.

This way we’re all even and no one’s feelings get hurt. :smirk:


After that rep is gone with leaderbroad

We want the count, down with rep!

I will miss doing the comparaison :cry:

41k wins
1071 losses

2000 wins
8566 losses
happy this sh*t is gone


@JB.Scopely who came up with this idea ? This guy should be fired right away


This sucks…i did not notice till today


me too! please.

Who tf recruits off of w/l? ive seen players with 3k + loses tht are absolute beast and vise versa, i want the raid loses back too i miss my 1.2k :joy: but like i dont understand the other part.

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Most disappointed. I was maybe 3 weeks off hitting 30k raids and verification I have no life. Now I only have proof of 27k and slightly less verification of no life


Was going to make a comment but what’s the point?

At the end of the day. What good did this loss counter update do lol

None and thats why they did it. They do things no one asks for all the time but people have been asking since day 1 for a way to buy more than 100k in food at a time.

People have been asking for months to please turn off the STUPID territory popups and perhaps stop SPAMMING us with “deals” during a war match?

Oh, and can you please make faction chat the default chat. Why it’s not makes ZERO sense.

#listentoyourplayersforachangeasourmoneyiswhatkeepsyouinbusiness :smirk:


Loss count being private is fine to me, but I can no longer see my own loss count which is somewhat bugging me.


Same feeling.
I used to keep my win ratio above 99%.
24700+ W
245 L

And I agree. It’s good to recruit, to get an idea of the player’s performance in wars.

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9,100 wins to about 480-500 loses, RIP,