Bring back the Free Refill Map

@JB.Scopely That refill map we had a few weeks ago is needed for leagues with all the extra grinding we must do to compete. It would be nice to get a weekly one or bi weekly with SR refills, raid refills and Territory refills. The refills that count for leagues. Leagues are becoming a chore and unless we can earn some free refills this is going to crash and burn. Already people are sick of it and you barely have to do anything to stay in platinum. Its not diamond but its not hard to maintain.


The free map will be available for $24.99


That shit is hilarious. I almost peed myself. Sounds like Scopely move alright.

Theres only 1 rule:
Scopes dont do anything if they dont get money for it.

i thought the rule was something about not to talk about that certain club?

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