Bring back the 10 million milestones

I was about to post the same thing about resources, 3 million is easy and is a little strain on resources.

10 million milestone with the frequency this company loves to roll lvl up?

There is a gear shortage as it is, can’t imagine the bitching we will see here if it goes back to 10 million.

Milestones are optional, not a requirement.


What is wrong with you

I actually get what you’re saying and it sucks when you’re going hard in a level tourney and you’re at 16 million but the last milestone was done long ago. It would be nice if you got something for your extra efforts. Unfortunately, 2 things will happen if it comes back…Scopely will make the lower rewards suck because of the new higher rewards and also, everyone here will complain because people will see this big milestone and for some reason assume it’s a requirement to get every milestone.

With the gear shortage we’re in right now it’s almost harder to hit the 3 mill than it was to hit the 10 mill back then

Im do 490 k

Lol a faction mate do 1 million in the first hours of war

It’s not a bad idea in theory… but we are talking about scoeply. If they kept the current milestones and added to them, good idea. But in scopley world, keep same milestones and make them go up to 10 million.

Remember, they take our suggestions and twist them into their own version of what we are asking for. Need to be careful with these type of posts.

Agreed they would nerf em making it pointless

No, just. No.

Delete this, delete your account. Thank you.


U having a breakdown?

Lol I think you’re ignoring scopely can’t scale up rewards, we’ll get 3 million rewards for scoring 7 and just a little more to get to 10 mill, it’s just a no sense idea

This is a better idea

How bout no.

Nope, just nope

Maybe a 4 or 5 million milestone added to the current structure with added rewards on top of what we have and not just watered down.
But 10 million again? No just no.

The rewards are always trash 1-4 trainers when this should be 20-40 yaw been getting ripped off for years.

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