Bring back the 10 million milestones

And literally it would contains more torches trainers and gears, bring It back please and make it last 3 days it so much needed now stop wasting our time @GR.Scopely take it to the team please


Go home, you’re drunk


The 10 mil milestone is litteraly the 3 million one right now which already is sort of difficult to hit. Depending on how many 2*s you’ve trained.


It wouldn’t hurt to have higher milestones available across the board. Especially war, 150k is low and the prize is trash.


We get trash rewards for the current milestones… you want more milestones to be added, with trashier rewards?! Don’t you guys understand that more milestones means same rewards, divided into more “stages”?!


They will increase milestones and just stretch the same rewards across those milestones. No thanks.

Next people will complain even more about lack of resources because they feel the need to go after higher milestones. No thanks.

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Obviously I meant if they added better prizes for higher milestones rather than spread things out as they are. And milestones a optional, you don’t have to use resources for them.

Just look how much liliths u could farm back then, yeah those r literally trash rewards, now u only get 1 lilith

Ty but no

Now war yes I agree

Or maybe get the 3 million milestone when you hit 6 million… 9 million… 12 million …

The war milestones should be higher imo because alota ppl quit after they hit their milestones

As they should there is more than 1 person in a faction

If they keep the milestone rewards they have now and everything above is better then ok it’s a good idea, but we all know the 0-3mil milestone rewards would get nerfed

No 7char

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Raising the 6 vs 6 to 8 vs 8 would help that

You serious 3 million its too hard to get,imagine 10 millions,its joke.

One good war 400k plus gives you enough basic tokens to hit 3mil😂

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We will take it to the team


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No bring them back please so this idiot can come in here later and complain he’s out of resources. You make the absolute worst posts on the forums and clearly use no fore thought when making them