Bring back.... please!


What happened to:
6v6 blitz wars
Timed Territories for decent things
Faction Onslaught (boring, but something to do when there’s just a level up running)
Random pattern of events each week. The new set calendar is so average.

Even that event where we had to kill millions of walkers over a month period. It was just something new.

Love this game and been here since the start, but give us something a bit different. You are obviously losing players hand over fist, variety is the spice of life.

Keep surviving.


I miss blitz and 6* terretories but onslaught was SHIT,shit rewards and no milestones so 95% of players dont wanted this so they removed it.I hope they bring it back buy with better rewards like tokens for A whell or 5*A characters.

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So much yes to all of this…

Bring back territories for uly’s and liliths!

Bring back BLITZ

Bring back Onslaught with adaptations

Bring back the Horde event


You’ll just be back here complaining when you can’t get a timed territory

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or the return of bennys in the events

i am feeling same

me and my faction liked the event where you had to run FA for get the sweaters. now that promoted team play and farming etc


Not sure what everyone’s beef with onslaught is. You get mod drops, leagues, different factions, don’t need 8 or 6 to start, and it’s not like there’s some demand to do some min points. I liked it. Was something to do and wasn’t demanding of time and I got my best almost perfect stun resist gold mod from it.


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