Bring Back Pathways

Come on scopely bring back Pathways event! Pretty please!!


That, or something similar would be very welcome.

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any event that there’s trainer bags…and lots of them


Plus coins! That increases activity and therefore income!

In hoping this Typhoon event is exactly like Pathways but with more toons available, higher level gear, veteran rings, good trainers and another chance at 20k coins.

If this Typhoon event isn’t like Pathways it’s a total flop and I might uninstall

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As a newer player on a newer region, can anyone explain to me what Pathways was? Like the 3-5 word summary if possible

I’d love another pathways event but since they fixed most of our tactics (duels for raids, hit and flee SR and roadmap etc.) they would have to lower the objective amounts, especially the faction ones.

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doubtful it’s gonna be 10 roadmaps with beads as energy

means money money money

See there will always be grinders like me and spenders like people with more important jobs and less time to grind to complete such events so its only more money for scopely and more fun for us too… come on scopely give us another one like that. with supreme crate and stuff. and gears oh yes gears

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Trainers galore

I liked Pathways but it was a super grindy event and those should be used in moderation. With the sucky Anniversary event that withheld it’s top prize from F2P, we need an easy Michelle type event first to balance


Loads of trainers. Ability to gain 4 6 star toons from grinding. (sorry 12 words) :stuck_out_tongue:

ohhhh Pathways was the Piper event? Never made that connection yea that event was sick

Pathways had its issues but those supreme crates have to be one of the best things they ever did.


I liked the pathways except unrealistic goals with some of it.You could solo most of it so that was cool.
Even tho I didn’t get Piper it was a great event for us high level players.


Oh I didn’t get Piper either. But to be honest I really didn’t want it much…

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You want me to describe what pathway event is in 5 words? Hmm…okay, i’ll try

A mistake that won’t happen again…

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