Bring back old style roadmaps


Please bring back the old roadmaps where the requirements were 1*-5* Peackeepers only, or Rebels only… etc, those were fun. Should also add each toon to it’s own faction like, Rick would be Alexandria and Negan would be Santuary then have roadmaps with only faction related toons


those were dope


Yeah I remeber we got toons from them too shitty ones but still a toon


To this point they could do that but if it’s a toon let me get a 5*. 3 and 4* are basically sp for me now


There are MULTIPLE top tier players that still use 5*'s. they’re not useless. Perhaps you should get over your bias. Last I checked, there were exactly zero six stars with 45 AP adrenaline rushes.


Yeah but you know they are coming…

…as soon as sales start to decline. Bam! Instant whale mini-reset.


That doesnt matter, getting hit by a 45ap 5 star is nothing more than a scratch. Just because there are not identical 5 and 6 stars doesnt mean 5 stars are better, unique sure but not better. No real player has any need for a 5 Star. No one in my faction uses them at all


That’s your faction. Basing something off of 30 people is hardly true at all.


Yes, bc damage is the only decent part of an ar right? Not like priyas ar does anything but damage…
(I dont use her myself but to say “they barely make a scratch” is a pointless statement. I find monica to still be useful in some areas of the game for the bonus hp. (dont have erika od whatever




What happened to all the replies?


Don’t worry I took screenshots for this exact occasion :wink:




Wait I’m confused… where did they actually go?


Anyways here again since they got deleted this team can beat those 30k health/attack roadmap teams ez pz

just because of hearths AR


What in the actual fck?? Smells like Orwell up in here.


Prove it


He already did


where? i cant see any screenshots …


Haha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: