Bring back old CRW (poll)

  • Bring back old CRW with old rewards
  • Keep using these 2 CRWs with worse rewards

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I dunno about u guys but I’d rather do 150-200k in one CRW than 100 in 2 wasting 2 days of my life…


Yer plus sux for euro players no war on Friday war finishes before Saturday night and then anuva war Sunday evening when ppl havta get to bed for work.


Petition to bringing back Canteens and GPS’s.


so far 15 voted and 100% prefers old CRW


Also would prefer the older 2-4 regions and not eight-freaking-regions


I don’t have too much issue with breaking up the war in two. Using that as an excuse to offer two sets of average prizes as opposed to giving up a GPS/Canteen is lame as hell.

It’s like when your birthday is a few days either side of Xmas. You get two shitty gifts instead of one good one…


The funny thing is this change is a direct response to a survey question a while back, so either start filling out the survey to see what you want in the game or suck it up and get on with playing.


I did survey all the time and the only thing that got added to the game was points from a failed war attack on camps and generals. I had even messaged scopley since day one of war tournament that they be given based on the opponent’s team grade.


Honestly hope this was a one-time occurence, otherwise I’m as good as done with CRW.


The last time we had 2-3 regions the 2 regions that were already on top agreed to stop warring so the third region had no shot moving up or even warring anymore. It went from quick searches to 1 hour searches every time. This was in the middle of the second day. So there needs to be a couple more regions added to prevent that, 5 would be perfect to keep everyone honest.




I did like double milestones. However the 100k one was better that we usaly get.


This poll is a mess in my opinion. With your question you are forcing the outcome only into one direction. Of course nearly no one wants worse/ less awards. The structure into two smaller CRWs is a different question.

I have no doubt, that most of the players will still vote for the old concept (independent from prizes), but this is not a fair poll.

There is always more than a simple black and white question if new features are introduces. Even this new split crw can be set up with rewards comparable to the old crw.

e.g. lets earn “tokens” in each single crw. Both tokens added can be exchanged into a bag with comparable rewards to the former CRW. The more tokens you get the better bags you can buy.
So what is really annoying you? Is it only the new setup or the change of prizes?


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