Bring back mid-week blitz wars

I think a very good solution to help remove all these overly done level up events. Is to simply instead of every other event being a level up. Bring back the Mid-Week Blitz Wars. They are awesome. Way too short lived in the game. And ditch that Survival Road completly. Its absolute garbage. No reason i should be losing toons on walker missions when the walkers are no where near me. Walkers are dead. They dont have special abilities anywhere else in the game they dont need them in Survival Road. Total waste of time. And the rewards in Survival Road i can get from World Map. So way am i bothering to waste time there. Blitz War are great cause it gives the faction more War time and helps the factions work together to build each other up for the main War weekends.


I disagree about the Survival Road, but do agree that Blitz war once or twice a month would be fun, and much less redundant than these level ups!


i enjoy survival road and I am sure there are many people who do. What you fail to realize is that just because you do not like an aspect of the game does not mean that there aren’t other people who do enjoy it. Right now SR is the best way to pick up free dk’s and pk’s. If you do not like it then do not participate in it. No one is forcing you to. You have now made two posts saying pretty much the same exact thing.

I too would like to see more blitz wars but the obviously make the bulk of their profits from level ups and therefore they will not be going away any time soon.


Survival Road is awesome. Especially when its on a weekend. Gives me plenty of time to get through it without using a single can

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I enjoy survival road so would not want to lose this. Mid week blitz would break things up a bit I agree

SR events are one of my favorites. Great for xp, items, markers, and on occasion a 4 star weapon.

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Well i never said it was about me so idk where you got that from. Secondly if you dont like what i post. Dont read it or comment on it. Thank you.

Free country. I can reply to anyone and voice my opinion. I don’t know what your problem is. I agreed with parts of your post. Not everyone is gonna be on the same page nor should we. Diversity is what keeps things interesting in all aspects of life and that includes this game.

The problem is you are stating your opinions as fact. Saying things need to be your way. You need to understand that people have different likes and dislikes as evidenced by the replies to you question. Be open to other peoples opinions when they differ from you own. You don’t have to agree but you need to allow for others to voice their opinions as well.

Interesting your probably a Trump supporter too.

So anyone who supports Trump is wrong? lol.

Forgot when the world took a vote and made your opinions fact. Oh that’s right. We didn’t.

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Please don’t turn this into a political debate lol


I miss blitz wars.


Yes back to the topic. Lets please try to get enough votes to bring back Blitz Wars.

I wish we had more blitz wars too. I’ve noticed we have war/crw every 2 weeks. So why not stick a blitz in between 2 big wars? It’ll break up the monotony of LUs/ FLUs/ SRs/ FSRs etc.


Would be very cool if every Wednesday had a 24 hr Blitz.

Just an opinion but I think a good schedule would be to have 1 of every event per week. So a lv up, a raid, a blitz and survival road. Every other week gets a war/crw. As far as faction vs Solo they can alternate between them as well.



Yessss I have been wanting blitz wars back for so long :heart_eyes:


Where’d blitz wars go

Tossed aside like rubbish so they can jam more profitable level ups down our throat.


Bump for bringing back Blitz war

Since Kalishane already stated that scopely is at a point where they want an event running 24/7, why not have a fixed schedule for events.

Everyone knows the rotation between crw war weekend and regular war weekend so why not apply same for every event? Something Like:

Monday 1Pm Est - Wednesday12 pm est: Solo lvl up
Wednesday 1pm est - Thursady 12 pm est: Faction Raid
Thursday 1Pm est - Friday 12pm est: Solo Survvival Road
Friday through sunday ==> Coss Region War

Monday 1Pm Est - Wednesday12 pm est: Solo Survival Road
Wednesday 1pm est - Thursady 12 pm est: Solo Lvl Up
Thursday 1Pm est - Friday 12pm est: Solo Raid
Friday through sunday ==> Faction Lvl Up & Faction Raid

Monday 1Pm Est - Wednesday12 pm est: Faction Survival Road
Wednesday 1pm est - Friday 12 pm est: Blitz War
Friday through sunday ==> Regular region War

Monday 1Pm Est - Wednesday12 pm est: Solo Raid
Wednesday 1pm est - Thursady 12 pm est: Solo Lvl Up
Thursday 1Pm est - Friday 12pm est: Solo Survival Road
Friday through sunday ==> Faction Lvl Up & Faction Survival Road

Not necessarily same as above, what I mean is something fixed from month to month so everyone can prepare accordingly.

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I agree, we need more of these. The regular level ups are burning people out.

We could even have 4 v 4 or 6 v 6