Bring back horde

can you start again walkers horde event???
because I like that’s event… Don’t keep levels up events because it’s really bored
you made level up events 3 times per week
where is horde event… bring it back scopely


Or something new and exciting :man_shrugging:t3:

Bring back anything that’s not a poorly though through territories event. For the love of all things keeping us sane while we’re all in enforced lockdown…

Yes - me and my big ol pile of saved up Horde cans are ready to go!

Id rather see Hordes come back then do yawnslaught

Id like to trade my pete keys in, when will we get a break on lvl ups? My faction is die hard lvl uppers, #fm

I agree the game needs to add depth, something new of course. And make lvling up easier. Id be okay with that!

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Unless they can do a really good job at fixing the imbalance, please don’t bring Hordes back.
Damn thing is already boring and now with S classes it’ll be impossible unless re-tweaked. I’ll take an on slaught which is a faction event over this pile of crap anyday.

I like too hordes event

but onslaught worth it better because onslaught award you s class shards

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