I haven’t seen drafts ever since we had that issue. Please dont ■■■■■■■ remove drafts! Drafts was a mode everyone enjoyed. Having s class toons. P2w toons that I’ll never own (If it’s not in 5*, prestige or in elite tokens than it is p2w) Like scopely No one ■■■■■■■ said remove drafts. If drafts is good and ready than bring it back. If you guys just removed drafts and haven’t touched it after the massive outbreak of not being able to choose 6* stars. Like what happened to the tuesday drafts? After classic or old school is be drafts. Why scopely. Why must you take away everything we ■■■■■■■ like?


They do that on purpose they make a bug then take something off so u won’t say much about it, they’re pure scammers, they have noticed that most people only use their tickets on draft that’s why I guess

I hate when they do that.

I hate it when snitches ruin a bug. Yes I know taking advantage of a bug but still. People who dont spend and casually play the game don’t get much. Me Im a hard player or casual lazy dude.

I bet it’s more likely due to all the crashes they had with 5* weapons in draft mode.

Why are 5* even in draft!!?! (Are they in def team or when you pick toons)


I really liked draft mode, its more like try before you buy. But for us f2p, its try how p2w feels after they buy n maxout. XD


Actually, what you get to try out is less than what p2w feels like when the buy n maxout, because p2w will also gain the effects of a good weapon, lead skill, and mods.


The max amount of tickets a f2p or I got was 3. I used the free play on classic.
Than use it draft. Gain a ticket. And have fun.

BIG TIP WHEN PLAY DRAFTS: If your S9 to S10 Attack the highest scoring teams (Side scroll to where you see the top 5 high scoring teams) Thats how you get alot of points.

5* weapons, not toons.

That I meant :man_facepalming:

The crashes were something to do with drafting toons with default weapons after 5* weapons were introduced. Something about the draft process and the new weapons code needs to be updated to account for bound weapons to avoid the crashes.

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Another something Scopely failed to communicate on.


Well why didnt scopes send out a announcement? I wish they always let us know before doing stuff like this.

Yh sure crashes only in draft and not other modes

They change up the arenas for no reason at all, too, not like they have to announce it. They said it’s fixed in version 22, which is rolled out already (but probably wasn’t rolled out when they were putting together the plan for the arenas that just ended).

Thanks Ladygeek :3. I wish scopes would announce their fixes.

GR said it a week ago, just not as an announcement. I wish we had an easy to find link to the developer tracker.

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Actually, not everyone likes draft. Some people dont like it and are happy its not offered now.

Yeah i also want draft arena back again.

yes we had to pull Draft out due to the issue with Arenas and we were waiting for a force update of the latest version to put it back into the rotation.