Bring back double chances on premier wheel!

The original odds of the premier wheel are so bad I don’t even feel like pulling and spending money. Bring back the double chances (2% 6* and 2% 5* ascendable)! I’ve seen a lot more people pulling when there was double chances and now most are back to not spending money on toons anymore. If you wanna make more money, increase your odds again!


Or they could just give us half decent odds to begin with


Probably will be a perk of being a survivor club member :female_detective:


They give us 1 good thing for a month and automatically people forget that we had to deal with this before they released double chances. Nothing new.

Of course nothing new. I feel people are more whiling to spend on the pull when the odds are better. Doesn’t seem like you even read what we said.

For sure Yo, who in their right mind will be pulling for this double-tap Morgan when it was double chances I still didn’t get him after 2 big pulls and that was double the odds, so will I try again now that the odds are even less???..Hell no jabroni Scampely take your roony toony bad odds…and shove it where the sun don’t shine!!!..IF you Smellllll!!! What ths Rock is cooking.

I read what people say. I just think it’s funny that there’s a whole list of complaints about it even though you all knew it was temporary. Why do you think we haven’t gotten a response about it? It’s not coming back.

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