Bring back Andrea’s treasure MAP!


@JB.Scopely … Since the launch of leagues… We have seen a lot of Raid tournaments. Which is great but it gets boring after awhile. So I think scopley should bring back Andrea Treasure Map again… It brought some excitement while raiding…


Why only Andrea? Other “old” personage are not worse.


The excitement of not getting it? Oh yea let’s not forget that


Why not add Prestige Michonnes neck shackles? She is worthless really, but I still would like to level her fully.


You must be one of the rare few that didn’t sacrifice her as fodder when 6* broke out - nice job!


No your wrong… I’ve used over 50+ cans then I lost count trying to get that treasure map with no success… yeah it sucks but I had fun in the process thinking this raid here will drop me the map… so yeah bring it back, cuss I want another crack at it… @JB.Scopely please make this happen.


I’d love to see raids drop ECTs like they did once. Even though 99% resulted in 3s or 4s it was still exciting.


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