Brick and Mortar



I don’t have this mission. What are the conditions to get this?

I have 4 camps. From level 20 to level 17.

Prestige Level 10

And do not done the Heavy Metal.



It may be still cycling through if you qualified for it? Some missions I see once a month, others once a week.


I just wonder whether I need to complete the Heavy Metal gold mission in order to have the Brick and Mortar mission.


I am not sure but you have to complete the gold missions to unlock other missions so its quite possible that it needs unlocking?


You definitely have to do more gold missions to unlock it. Be aware, though, it’s been a complaint forever that those players who do more gold missions see YGL less often. There are rumors that is going to be addressed soon, though.


I know that but I just image the following formula:
say now I have 30 missions and I only got 1 YGL

If I unlock this Brick and Mortar, may be
I have 50 missions and 1 YGL and 1 BNM

Then the probability o have YGL or BNM running is increased from 0.33 to 0.4.

Are there a details breakdown on the prerequisites?


No details. I’m holding off on doing any more gold missions until they do whatever they’re going to do to address YGL.


Just to let u know if u r interested. I have contacted Customer Support. They told me that I shall have the BNM mission.

But I never have this BNM mission.

Personally I think there is a strange bug.


Problem is the mission list is too small for all the missions to fit in. I have two regions I play in: Bibb and Dade. I m a lvl 119 in Bibb and a very active player, did all the gold missions and now barely see the YGL or BNM mission anymore. In Dade I am a lvl 40 player, only did one gold mission (not doing any again). As a result (combined with my prestige) I have YGL in my mission list constantly, I can complete one every 24 hours (12 hour duration and 12 hour cooldown). I coined the cooldown during last single lvl up and was able to do two runs in 24 hours.


Ahh see there is your problem. Customer Support might well be talking total shite


I got to where I just abandon the 5* token mission and this level up I have either been running a YGL or a BnM mission the whole time. Too bad the 5s are out dated and I don’t need to level 6s because I would be in like Flynn!


According to a patch notes post by @kalishane, YGL was updated in the 8.0 update, but I can assume, as we all can, that it did not happen


Yes, she made another post somewhere saying it wasn’t implemented in that update because they had a problem in QA. Whatever QA is. What is QA?


Quality Assurance.

Yes, who knew Scopely did quality assurance?



&& thanks @Kanaima


Support is wrong, flat-out wrong. Brick and Mortar is not unlocked if you have Heavy Metal still available.


You mean I need to complete that Heavy Metal in order to unlock the Brick and Mortar?


I would definitely trust LadyGeek over in game support… I would venture there is a spreadsheet that has every mission and when they unlock sitting on her computer.


If my ooooooold notes are correct, Heavy Metal is the Level 15 Gold mission. You need to finish that, then the next two Gold Missions (Generator X and Batten Down the Hatches) before you’ll see Bricks and Mortar.


Oh. Thanks all for your information.