Brianna x2 @ Solo Level Up

I’ve had better

That’s strange I just read a report that chicks with the name Brianna are destined to be single for life.

I saw this too. Maybe a future s class? Since you need 2 of them to get an s class? Idk just thinking optimistically.


Idk but i am happy i will finally get her and 2 of her since shes what ive been waiting to get from the depot and now i can save all depot points just for trainers and energy cans.

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Someone scrolled too far in the alphabetic character list, and landed on Brianna instead of Brady…


Well thanks for the 2 Brianna’s scopes


I would have rather had 2 Benedict’s - but I take what I can get.

If you dont have her she is a great character for old school


I always wanted to have Brianna, now I have two (???

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oh send me that report. I know a few by that name. She isn’t going to like it

They are Benedict’s just in under cover

I wouldn’t read to much into it, I’m sure it has more to do with the fact that the names are just so common.

That site is horrible with ads and the layout is a mess. Also some people choose to be single, idk if my names on that list cause i could only see 3 of the 6 but i have chose to not marry, date or be in a relationship.

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Holy crap! I just copied the first search result, the original I read wasn’t on the front page in Google search, my bad that site is horrible!
The search has better info then the whole article.

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My ex GF name was Brianna so yea lol

I thought I was lucky and got 2 Brioche turned out they were Brianna’s

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