Brian legendary toon

so, does anyone notice that brian collateral damage toon in their game? he was added a few hours ago but no way to get him nor is any announced. thoughts?

Probably linked to the new suscription mess

Meh he sucks


He looks pretty damn mediocre.


Red Konrad, but without double attack.

He’ll be decent with a command

Has a chance you can rush him ever other turn or 2 turns on a row with command. Other then that yeah he sucks.

I am just wishing he’s a free toon at the end of a gear event… just being overly positive… lol


My thoughts too. Collateral Damage is a specialist skill they’d give out for free. I am really hoping a gear event starts on Monday.

Accept for the fact that he looks like he got rolled over by a truck and seen some pretty
messed up things he’s seems to be good, but has Promo written all over him.

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I say he’s not meant for raiding that’s for sure but he’s good on survival road

Anything is good for SR.
You really don’t need a dedicated toon for it.

Does collateral work on double attack ARs? Green wiper if so.

No good. His collateral wouldn’t get through these tanky Carl teams. Would just set off their rush

An Asian racer. Interesting (not trying to be racist)

No double attack so he is :poop:

He looks like a chad lol

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