Brewing war roadmap is a slap in the face

Why parker why. Those dang creeper chihuahuas

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I’m sorry, it was the Wolfy-equivalent of checking her pulse lol

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Agreed took one look and moved on🤗

Imagine this as a road map👍anigif_sub-buzz-9515-1494012247-1



440 energy for a silver mod box. I’m honestly not joking.

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The story is good, but the reward is sucks. Not just sucks but it totally sucks

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I don’t even bother, could be an awesome story but it’s a waste of energy


Day 6 on waiting for S class Kenny

Pirate journal of Smooky Poo day 69 at sea

Today i woke up feeling power full…stronger then before unlike another day of my life and i know the reason

I saw a dream last night about a man in savanna with this god sexy lookin beard summoning boats left and right…

That man or should i say god spoke to me and he said:

“Let me show you the light shiftbird*”

I cant get the guys face out of my mind…its like i have been blessed by him…

What a wonderfull man.


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