Breakdown for those that have just woken up and can't work out what Scopely is on about

For the Typhoon Event

-Prayer beads unlock the ability to collect Yin tokens
-Yin tokens (alongside Yan tokens which you need to get separately) unlock YinYan tokens (inventive)
-YinYan tokens are used to unlock stash opens
-10 stash opens unlocks light beacons
-10 light beacons unlocks the final roadmap
-The final road map unlocks a 5 star ascendable called Zhu (who looks pretty shoddy)

Tried for an easier translation of the bullet points from their explanation thread.

So 6 layers of unlocking to get a very mediocre toon. Most convaluted event to date. Shows they were listening when we said we didn’t like this in the recent past.

Up to you, but I doubt I’ll waste my time. Nice amount of some collectables in the stash so it might be worth opening that a few times though.


All the time they spend creating and coding all these different items you need to collect to claim another item you need to collect to claim another item you need to collect to claim another item you need to collect could be better spent don’t you think?


Feels like you can take 4 of those bullet points out and you still have a functioning event lol


It’s a complete farce. A huge amount of players fed back that items to unlock items to unlock items was a very undesired feature of the last event… So they added more layers of unlocking after receiving that feedback!


Just like Sergio before, Zhu is a bait for NEW players. An attempt to lure them into spending. In Sergio’s case in was a magical 1.000% damage. This time its a test drive of ‘exhaust’ feature. Love it? Then open your wallet for a “real” exhaust toon like Laopao or Elena.


Bare minimum effort on my part, I was hoping the beads would be useful but this whole “event” is triple dipped stupid as fuck.

I see now why there was such a hesitation releasing details, they knew this would go over like a turd in the punch bowl.

Listening to the players? Not once.


Stash is the only thing worth doing, zhu might be worse than sergio

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This is fubar and we all know it. Seriously they never listen to the players. Why?


At least we get a month of this worthless event being rewards.

Can you imagine any other game company being satisfied with a month long event where most of (or all of) the player base are hugely disappointed with it? They have no pride in their own product.


How many multi week long events in a row have there been where we were dissatisfied? The beach balls, the plushies, the anniversary, and now presumably the typhoon one. I have yet to receive a toon for the first 3 and don’t really care if I get this one.


Aye fair point, but they are getting worse and worse. I didn’t even think that was possible.
Beach balls was a really bad event, but Beach balls > Plushes> Anniversary > Typhoon… Next event will have Gen 1 Eugene as main prize and it’ll be 8 layers of collectables to unlock him.

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Crazy to think that beach ball event could be better than any event. Sad but true.


Zhu. Jack off all trades, master of none. A little bit of damage, a little bit of healing, a little bit of exhaust, a little anti-walker…

A perfect toon for a beginner who usually don’t have that many 6* to choose from. So all the veterans with several years of RTS under their belt should just relax. This event is not for you.

Zhu is clearly from “The Beginner’s Starter Pack”.

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Camouflage is not anti walker in any sense unless it affects the whole team. There are very few beginners these days as those who would have played the game for it being TWD already joined a long time ago.
Also let’s wait to see how difficult the maps are before we call it a beginners pack. If they can be completed easily with 5 stars fair enough. If it needs 6 stars, then nobody completing it will ever use Zhu.


Looks like a good reason to give something to them.

Should a beginner’s toon really be the final prize though? If you’re just starting off, are you gonna be able to hit all milestones? Zhu should be an early achieveable prize like the old 6* Pathway toons. The final prize needs to be a frontline 6*, dare I say S Class.


How will Zhu really help beginners though? If playing solidly for a month, you should be getting enough 6 stars in that time to make him irrelevant, or at least make him irrelevant a week or two later.

Just like with Sergio, coins might help lol. We all know Scopely too well.

That’s not good game design and doesn’t set the greatest expectations for new players that you’re gonna have to coin your way across the finish line. Sergio being 2 short was a dirty move