Breach agains Tos you said?

Sometimes a simple picture outlasts words…

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Prob before transfering claimed the one moved and claim the second

Why not claim James? This is nails on the proverbial collector’s blackboard. What a waste


collectors are the best customers to have. they’ll do ANYTHING.

This is the second time you’ve thrown addiction at me. And this is the second time I will tell you, quite bluntly,



must be me trying to help with the first steps to recovery.

sorry… bad habit.


Seen a guy with his new free s class @ tier 2 ; vk sells knives :slight_smile:

Didnt work I tried VK is selling them both for 130$

I transferred and there was no option to get the characters a second time, has to be cheating. Besides that is the fact there will not be enough materials to level them both anyway, unless you get them somewhere else…

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