Bravo NetMarble


Tonight during scheduled maintenance there was a massive ban wave on coin loaders/Crystal loaders on Marvel Future Fight. Many of the top factions in the entire game are left with only 10/35 members or so. If they can regularly do this why can’t Scopely even try? Most replies to this will either be 1) Scopely doesn’t care about cheaters or 2) somehow Scopely profits from cheaters. Ffs… get your shit together. Put it in a backpack so it’s all together. And if you gotta take it somewhere, like take it to the shit store and sell it or take it to the shit museum ya know? I don’t care what you do you just gotta get it together.


Maybe it’s because Scopely never built the infrastructure to secure against that kind of behaviour. Quite possibly a lack of foresight. Maybe those things are really hard to implement in an already functioning system. Maybe it is underway, but it’s taking some time. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m just writing a semi relevant reply so I can post a picture of a goat in this thread. Who knows?



arabs>goats>steve??? anyone following this? I know I am not the only one noticing this. Check out his last 3-5 posts lol. Steve, you really like goats huh?

Edit: someone save the goats, Steve doesn’t belong anywhere near goats.


You might be right that they didn’t have the foresight, the developer’s not Scopely, as they don’t do anything but advise. BUT maybe some foresight about not bringing ISIS and other goat ■■■■■■ types to the forums might be wise.


Goats are awesome!

Wait, what exactly are you implying?



oh another fun word to add radical>arabs>goats>steve take what you will from it, you know what i am implying, i dont have to say it. what is with all the goats steve? lol you know i am just messing with you and no reason to get upset but the number of goat GIFs has me nervous


I’m still not getting it. I don’t understand what you’re saying.