Brand New Region?


I’m looking to start over and check for new regions daily. However, since the update to allow transfers, the region list isn’t as obvious. Now that older regions are low too when people have moved out.

My question is, does anybody know how to tell when a brand new region opens up? Is it still at the top of the list of regions you haven’t joined yet after you scroll through the ones you have? Has a region even opened since this change happened? Last new region I saw was McCormick. I could join there I guess but I want to start brand new again since coming back to the game recently.

@JB.Scopely is there any way to tell? And is Scopely ever going to give us an idea when a new region is about to open up? I’m looking for a fresh start after coming back, but with all the spenders out there I’d have to imagine Scopely would benefit more financially by announcing somewhere a new region is about to open.




Do you know approx how old it is? And thank you.


3 or 4 days old.
It’s only accessible via a brand new account though.
I’m rank 4 there :stuck_out_tongue:


There is no way to tell besides checking the lists of regions regularly to see if a new region’s been created, there’s no “Hi, a new region has arrived!” notification or popup. How new is Lancaster?


So when I used to play, it was on my cell phone that I still have (Android). Is there any way to start a new account? I think you can’t right? On the same device you were using before?


On IOS I just factory reset my phone.
No clue about Android.


Said 3 to 4 days. That’s new enough I’d join. But it’s only available to new accounts I guess.


And if I even figure that out, I’d lose my old account. It has high prestige. So I’d kind of want to use the prestige in a new region to get a jump. I am not looking to spend like I used to. That’s why I walked away for a bit. But I’d like to enjoy the prestige benefits starting new in a brand new regions.

I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye open and wait it out. Thanks for the info though!


No problem.
If I had to hazard a guess, I’d assume we’ll be open to everyone else in maybe 3 or 4 months.


I’m glad the past 3 new EN regions have all been locked. Keeping veteran whales and region hoppers away (for the most part) from these noobs is a good thing.


We haven’t even had a single hacker yet.


The only issue I have is that I have played a long time, spent a LOT, and stopped playing to curb that. I’d love to start a brand new region and take advantage of the prestige I earned by spending before (literally)…

However, I am planning on playing f2p otherwise. So it makes no sense to me to start brand new in an “old” region that’s already established. Yet I can’t go to a new one with this account? I’m not looking to buy my way back. But I should be able to start fresh after a long break and utilize the prestige I earned by spending before.

And I’m too far behind to enjoy going back to my old region with all the updates with mods, and new toons, and weapons and such.


to start a new account just go to the options button go to region and just hit Join. You will start a completely new account from the beginning. Only thing you will keep is your coins.


Yes yes yes exactly


Well the point is the new regions are being locked to brand new players. As in brand new to the game. So I guess I would be interested in knowing from @JB.Scopely if that’s the only type of new region they’re going to open from now on? Brand new account, brand new player/prestige.

If so, I’ll decide whether to just wipe my phone and start new, or I guess go back to an old region WAY behind. Without spending another penny, there’s still advantages to the prestige 13 I earned in my spending days. So my desire to start fresh after about 6 months away from the game is higher being able to use my old prestige account. If that makes any sense.


That’s exactly why they lock them to us older players. They must shelter thier new paychecks from the complexity of p13 whales and unstoppable teams. They realise long ago p13 can get a huge unfair head start in a new region skipping many timers. Nobody starting the game want to see someone max prestige right off the bat that would scare them away. Now they will spend oblivious to the day region transfers opens and their way of life is consumed


Well damn…LOL

So my choices are start fresh on a new account in a newer region and lose my prestige…

Go back to an old region that I am WAY behind in while keeping my prestige…No fun.

Or just walk away and stop playing the game completely lol

If my old account with the 13 prestige is linked to FB and my Android, is there ANY way to unlink and start a new account on the same phone? With the ability to go back to the old one by re-linking to my facebook on said phone? In case a new region opens that a higher prestige can join or I decide to go back to the old region down the road? Or hell, decide to play both?


Honestly just find a new game. Unless you go brand new you will be playing catchup and it will be impossible for you if you do not want to spend much again.

Tried the two region thing and it’s quite Impossible you will find you are just weak on both as opposed to strong on one. The game has to much going on for running two accounts well I struggle to find the time for just one.


Didnt event think of that. yeah i would think a brand new device then but even doing that you might not get placed there…