Brand new region, ridiculous level up milestones


Seriously… region is only like a week old and the milestones start at the 150k? With awards for ascendance. I know it is possible to do a separate event for this region as you had an indy raid going on instead of war… so why in the world would you decide to have these prizes and milestones for a new region? Most of these prizes will be completely useless for months and will do nothing to help any new person out (there are a lot btw) that doesn’t know how to play the game yet.



I laughed my ass off and went straight back to my main region when I saw that. What a joke.


Gotta agree, especially on a region like Jeff Davis. Come on, Scopes. You could give us a different Level Up, with rewards for newbies, like you did with War, when we got Raids instead.


That is the region I am talking about.


Like I said in another thread that region is full of veteran whales who migrated over from other regions. Tons of people running 5* & 6* Vincent as leader. You will see a few idiots getting 1 mil in the next two weeks. Count on it