Brand new faction now recruiting members

Come join Pancake Power a brand new faction for the people by the people everybody who joins will be Co-Leaders so you can help build it up however you want

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The fact that you don’t even mention the region is bad.

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Why not? I feel people will put more effort if they have more control.

It in FairField

Ok thank you

Fairfield is closed so the only ones to join are those in Fairfield.

Is there a way to leave if the reigon is closed and start it elsewhere

What you have, basically, is Soviet Russia. What the world doesn’t have now, basically, is Soviet Russia


Ok what on earth is that suposed to mean

Making everyone coleaders is not a good system lol. Your faith in people is too positive!

No i have very little faith in people i just know it sucks when you want to do a boss raid becuse you have to wait for others how are never on to start it so this way everyone has a fair shot at participating and has more stuff theu can do to avoid getting bored of the game

Have 2 or 3 Coleads. You’re going to have 30 people thinking they run the other 29. The arguments could indeed be fun, fair enough lol.

Well, not that I know of. You are in a hidden region as well. There are A LOT of other regions, but scopely started hiding the newer ones so you all could be on the same level. If other people were to join from other regions, you wouldnt win anything ever.

If everyones equal noone can run anyone else but i understand what you mean. But trolls will be trolls regardless

Everyone = No-one = Newcomer. You’re giving everyone power. With great power… I’m not called Ben and I’m not an uncle

Well i really cant win anything now people rarely on and the ones who are are on so much i cant even compeat lol

I would strongly suggest Constable not Co-Lead , the extra bits like starting FA need to be organised and when anyone can do that chaos ensues . Constable is a good rank , allows flagging terr etc and when they’ve proved reliable then maybe promotion

Run your faction how you want but ranks are earned, a runner is fine to start so they can start wars (wish they couldnt invite people tho) and you work your way up, doing good in events, showing good leadership skills, helping out others in the faction, etc just as it can be earned it can be taken but again run your fac how you want.

Pancake power :rofl: scopely will love this faction :pancakes:

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A certain portion of Eastern Europe believed in this idea. I wonder why it’s not in place anymore :thinking:

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You speak as if the government we have now is better.

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