BRAND NEW Collection Ideas


I already made a post about some collection Ideas, but
I don’t where and it was way too less. So here’s my new
topic about it, which also includes Custom Made Toons by
Me.The order is following: Comics, Telltale Games and
Road to Survival Made.

I. Comics

Safety Behind Bars - 4 Stars
Tyreese “Safety Behind Bars” (4*)
Dexter “Safety Behind Bars” (4*)
Allen “Safety Behind Bars” (4*) CUSTOM
Glenn “Safety Behind Bars” (5*)
Rick “Safety Behind Bars” (5*)

Prices: 4800 Points, Benedict, 2.300 5* Token, 3X World Cans

Still Not Dead - 5 Stars
Allen (4*)
Dale “Fear the Hunters” (5*)
Morgan “No Way Out” (5*)
Andrea (5*)

I Will Add Lots More Tomorow

Inb4 legendary gear thread hijack