Brand New Characters Tokens

As you know the museum points are unusable yet, so I suggest create an exclusive token using that points, the idea is that per every one hundred thousand points you will recibe one of this tokens as a premium reward on the museum and with that you are able to unlock every 6 stars you want.

Because sometimes when people make an effort to get a Character and they don’t have lucky these people usually get frustrate and leave the game, and we can solve that problem if we let they a chance.

I Will be happy yo listen your opinions!

My opinion is every time they add a new “feature” they screw it up, monetize it or both.
Sorry to be debby downer, but leave it alone.


Yeah, sometimes they had mistakes haha

But… currently people left the game every day so they really need to do something to keep people playing and the best example of this are the latinoamerican regions, all are almost death

Beta regions need to be used to really test and prevent that they continue “screw it up”

We all know that will never happen. Keep on suffering ops I mean surviving

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I like this in principle, the main idea is to use Museum points for something, at the moment, you claim a collection and see 1000 collection points, that have no use. There must have been an idea at some point for using them for something.

They would never let you redeem free tokens for the latest and greatest promo. But a wheel with characters that are say, 3-9 months old - maybe… they love their rng to much, to let us go in and pick.

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I think something like this could work because museum points aren’t a hundred per cent free to play, in one side we had people who spend money, let’s talk about that, probably this players will spend more cash because something like this is an oportunity, when they pull on the store had a chance to complete a collection and if they do that will recibe museum points at some time they will pay for exclusive collections and get this tokens quickly so they can have a new character that they choose for all the money they spend.

In the other side we had people who doesn’t spend money, but they play and that’s really important to, so complete the enough collections for one of this tokens will take time and it’s fair to they had some oportunities to be on the highest competitive levels too.

It’s important work on motivation now because on the middle future 6* will be like the old 5* and when that happend I’m pretty sure the game will have problems.

As you say the idea isn’t need to be used exactly like that.

100% agree museum points should be used for something. Your suggestion isn’t bad. Especially with 6* depreciation every day.
They don’t care about people leaving though. They are trawling for the tiny percentage of people who become addicted and spend boatloads before they wise up, if they ever do. Joe schmoe’s pocket change (or good will) means nothing to them clearly.

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@GR.Scopely please take a look of this

Not if this is the goal :thinking:


I think that it is clear that the intention early on was to have Museum point’s redeamable for something, my guess is that it was going to be something similar to the supporters tokens.

It doesn’t even need to be characters, gear would be awesome, cash in 10,000 museum points for a GPS or something, would be great.

It would be interesting to know what the intent for Museum points was? Does anyone know???

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The goal is give a reward for complete collections.

In my opinión the game need players who want to spend time and money and the question is how we can increase the atención of that players on the scopely’s game so this could be one option.

Yeah or also could be both.

I said before 100000 museum points for a 6*, could be 200000 for an S class or something as the biggest rewards and maybe as you said 10000 for a box with some ítems to lvl up.

It’s a good idea to exchange museum glasses for the tokens of 6 Persians

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