BP daily reward bag

If I sit on these and don’t open it, think I can get those points next BP?


Thinking the same thing, also if unused BPs roll over to next season

Im doing the same, hoarding those bags, I think that will work. Saved some kendama bags nad worked well last time.

Yep, got 4 saved myself. Also didn’t claim any of the weekly missions for this week - they should get sent to my mailbox with 30 days to claim…


Dunno. Saving some daily bags tho haha

We will have another battlepass? Any confirmed info about?
I’m holding my tokens since there is nothing useful to buy in the store with 1750 only, but if they gone I will take trainers.

No info yet. Battle coins won’t hold over. But we don’t know about battle points

nothing to see here…

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Tokens are the sort that progresses towards missions. Once you got them, they’re useless, but keeping them ‘ready to claim’ might work if another BP comes and uses the same token type.

Coins are used to buy in the BP store and they wil be reset to zero by end of the current BP event. Make sure to use them all up

I put that suggestion on another thread a few days ago. I really hope they carry over as I’ve got 11 daily bags ready now.

They probably would have worked but now that you brought it to scoples attention they will most likely make the next seasons tokens a different color so the purple ones won’t work. :smirk:


There to lazy to do that😂


prolly make them as war tokens or half heads
they screw up all the time

It’s not confirmed there will be another but the announcement repeatedly makes references to battle pass seasons and “per season” so it definitely sounds like they’re intending it to be a regular thing.

The announcement also says that both points and tokens will not carry over.
But we all know that usually this only means your current inventory, not any that are still in bags etc so who knows. Like @IronandWine says they may alter the next one so that they can’t be used but we haven’t lost anything by holding on to the daily bags just in case.


I’ve started saving the daily mission bags… can’t use the points as completed the pass missions so even if totally change it not lost anything and probably end up with tokens hidden away somewhere that will get reused at some stage…

Figure the extra boost get gives head start. Wish I’d started it sooner to be honest.

I left buying the pass til late on as wanted to see if was worth it for me and achievable yo complete e everything once it was bought it.

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While it’s possible that they have thought of this and have a contingency plan, it’s also totally possible for them to screw that plan up and have the daily bags count.

Anything is possible :rofl:


Yes and?
Some people have this daily bags. They still need to buy the new war key.
Its a win for scopely as they all will renewed next time.
Win win for both.

Not really because they will potentially lose sales of extra battle pass points if everyone stocks up

Though you might argue that the smart and prudent players who think ahead are not the target market for those extra battle points


We will see in a few days.
I understand what you mean.

As I posted before, the premium rewards are paywalled with the key, but there was a 2k-2.5k leeway in free BP tokens income the first BP.

With the sales of tokens, I think it would be very much plausible for scopes to make a 2nd BP not only with no leeway, but with the tier30 being paywalled by token availability too… Hence saving the daily bags/unclaimed weekly mission tokens makes sense :wink: