Boycott war #pu

Since they have literally made every toon useless with this move #timesup


Get behind it or why even try to pretend

Every toon except s-class pete, he’s getting the stat buff too

This war will be nothing different from the previous war, no one will have pryia. The following crw will be a problem

Honestly this should of been done weeks ago with the super bugged CRW and fuckery with Scopely making up the rules as they go with TOC…Too little too late

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Yay…without peeps warring…my faction wins by default

Give me a freaking break asking people not to war because they have another character that people pay the bills with. I will be using everyone of my accounts this weekend and spending as much as possible.

Even pete will b toast she’s blue he’s red

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Lol if you think what they charge for toons, offers, etc is needed to pay the bills but i get that was a troll post to get reactions

If u honestly think that no one will have her your mistaken scopely does nothing about vk players


What is the other alternative to this other than not warring for rewards that don’t matter? Only thing I can think of is delete and forget.

I’m not warring this weekend fuck them

It actually is not a troll post. It’s the truth why in the world do you think you should get a top-notch character for free? Why don’t you run into Walmart or any other place of business for that matter give them your three bucks and try to take home and 80 inch TV. I mean really listen to yourselves like the sky is falling.

22 of 30 have agreed in my faction group to take a vacation for a few days


I’m on board #boycottwar


Like they can run a war without glitches tearing it apart anyhow?

It’s like the fyre festival of events

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I didnt say we need a top toon for free. I did say that the stuff is way over valued in this game tho and that shit like this is making people quit, making more go f2p and/or causal. I own a business, this shit is beyond over priced, my money goes elsewhere. The sky is falling cause the game we love is dying, people left after 6*, after mods, after the AI update and now more will leave, soon no one will be playing this game


If you own your own business then you understand basic economics. You charge what the market will bear. I as well Am a business owner storage to be exact. We own indoor and outdoor facility’s. The indoor we get premium price because it’s out of the elements and we charge what the market can hold up to. If there are people to pay then there is a product to buy any business stays in business.

Sorry had to edit I’m legally blind

WARNING S CLASS ARE NOW CONSIDERED DANGEROUS. A VK TEAM OF DOUBLE MAXED PRIYA’S IS 65,520 WITH MODS! A double maxed single is 13,074 with mods. She’s 12,424 alone without mods. Times 13,074 by 5 that’s 65,520. Your team could be S57. You could ■■■■■■■ obliterate anyone to dust. A f2p 6 star team? OBLITERATED. A p2w player team but no S class? OBLITERATED. A p2p player with 2 s class toons that are maxed. might be a chance BUT OBLITERATED. Once arena comes out vk are gonna start sell double maxed priya’s with mods and shit. We’re are ■■■■■■■ done for. Lets start a movement. #NerfSclass!

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And plenty of business have failed due to overpricing and killing their base