Boycott Crw #PlayersUnited

How about the idea boycotting this crw event??#PlayerUnited


I may boycott war

That’s silly, the point is to ENJOY the game more. War is the best part of the game.

Besides, those of us who chose loyalty to our region over ToC haven’t had one in a hot minute.

The company wants to earn revenue, so that’s the bottom line we’re hitting. You can enjoy war and not spend…


No need to exaggerate. If you don‘t want to participate in war then you can just retire and stay in Line chat to communicate with your friends/former faction mates. As @Michelle said, the movement‘s purpose is to make this game more enjoyable - war is by far still the best feature.

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War WAS the best event.
I repeat, WAS.

Now its just enrol, wait 40 mins, make 2 attacks against an unbeatable whale team, get burned, then repeat.
It takes 2 days to hit 10k at this rate.

Where is the effin F.U.N ???


On crw wars events only top 20-30 rankin are waring rest of them enjoy watching leaderboard

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Boycotting war is not necessary. Simply not purchasing offers for war cans, or coins for repairs is all it takes. Key is to disrupt the revenue stream to show we mean business.



That‘s what PlayersUnited is about. One of the key points is to give F2P more tools in their pockets in order to make raiding/warring a better experience. However, the event itself is the least problem in this game. Prizes are generally a disaster, not only in war.

War price gen 1 vincent

Lvl up prize some beach balls and other stuff for obsolete toons. Even worse.

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The s.s a few years back lasted a few weeks with little effect. People are going to spend, people who has hashtag here still will spend this weekend. Its a sad reality that for everyone who doesn’t spend while this topic is buzzworthy, there’s those that will continue to dump their accounts into Scopelys pocket that will negate any good that could come from this.


We need categories for war. So the “low level” factions do not need to face unbeatable teams and the "high level " factions do not need to bother destroying little factions. Been on both sides and it is not fun for either side.


Scopes answer to this has been : ToC

Meaning “ok, we heard you, whales will have a whales fight.
You other opportunists can rest in peace, we dont care about you. Plus you are saturating servers bandwith so get lost and let whales be whales”

I think the problem now is Whales are effected hugely with the New Promos every week, many are with us now🤗

War is so much more enjoyable when people don’t coin. A no coining war is much better than no war.

Disagree. Staring at your screen for ten minutes if your gen A is absolutely zero fun.


Not me…

It took me less than 24 hours to be proven wrong.

And some players are STILL locked out. Enjoyable my ass.


Swim with the whales … Problem solved (jk) … Gen a life can be brutal for sure

Contrarians gon’ contrariate.