Boxes not included in odds for promo wheel

I don’t think it’s even possible to get those boxes because they aren’t even listed under the odds box. I thought that they were responsible to post all odds of there chances to get anything according to Apple android stores ?

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They are possible to get, ive seen someone get one. The chances are probably (actually) really low.

If the box includes 5★ ascendables then Scopley probably consider that it’s part of those odds which are displayed.

I agree though, if your bigging up a promotion because of a triple characterbox, it would be nice to be honest about the chances of getting said box

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I agree. The likely odds are 0.1%

The whole point to what I’m saying is that they are required to post all the odds and there not doing so which leaves them in violation of the agreement that all odds will be posted for any games of chance

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