Bout priya weapon

Hey if I got the upgrade where basic attack damage is increased by 20 percent would that also effect her rush as she hits 3 times or not

Yeah ofc since multi atk rushes r basic atks


Just because its a multi attack and can be affected by stun/reflect etc doesn’t make it a basic attack. Its already +275 of a basic attack so i wouldn’t assume that the +20% stacks without evidence.

It says in the combat reference that multi attack rushes count as basic attacks

They don’t when it comes to payback.

Multiattacks r still created from rushes and payback is effected by rushes , that’s why …" the rush is a multi atk " … and multi atks r considered basic atks … and people will say this is confusing :joy::joy:

Makes perfect sense lol

Priya’s rush is multiple higher % basic atks, which can trigger every hit she does. But single atk wont trigger it

Similarly if harper rushes payback toon, her atk % is low so it doesnt trigger payback.

I have that on my weapon it does show 20% atk bonus on rush… I’m not sure the ignore def bonuses is working tho

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