Bound special weapons, why?


Why are special weapons bound to characters?

It limits the uses of a character in maps if you can’t change their weapon. I understand the aesthetics of a cool different attack style but it limits the usefulness of them.

Can scoppee not just allow players to change the weapon and keep the original effects?

The weapons they come with are not that unique and often require modifications to max out. And since you can’t share seems a waste to try to modify them.


100 percent agree


They said on the old forum that was because unique animations. Abraham Bazooka would not work with a sniper rifle.


It’s a tough one.

What would Romanov be without his flamer.

We just need more Spray Paint, Polishing kits and Duct tape to fix them up.
Once your past level 125 the fun times are over on weapons mods.

Also Soray is really rare for me.
Dismantling gets me nothing even with Territories.


It’s because the animations are unique. Some characters do actually have unique bound weapons and animations that can be altered with new weaponry. For example, kicking jesuses have a unique weapon and animation but can be equipped with weapons, 6 Star a new threat Dwight has a replaceable bound weapon even though the crossbow bolt is a unique animation, and numerous michonne versions have a special stance for katana weapons.

That said, making additional animations takes a lot of extra artwork, time, effort, and balancing concerns. With artwork, it’s important to remember that every moving and non moving appearance for each component of a given character is a seperate art piece entirely. Every single frame of an animation in which an object changes its shape, angle, etc requires new art. Doing the animations for both a bound weapon and a normal attack means at least twice the animation work, whereas the artist could instead just get two different characters drawn up in that time. Oftentimes, these bound weapons act with the characters in a specific, intentionally designed way, such as Theresa’s stun attack working with her multiple-attack rush.

Bound weapons may be a PITA at times, but they’re here to stay in all but the most special of circumstances.


Also… Can you imagine Shiva with an axe? Sawyer with a baseball Bat?


I was just about to say the same thing lol, then I saw your comment.


Could you imagine Shiva with Pitchfork Paws?


Well, to be fair, back in the day you could equip Shiva with a katana. And regarding animations and stuff, you could have it so you can equip the special characters with a weapon, but leave the original animation so really all that changes is the weapon property.

BUT, if that were to happen, I think the game would be a lot easier in a bad way. Having bound weapons forces people to make a choice in their weapons.


Aside from animations, think of it as a up/downside depending on the weapon/character. A character consists of his stats, leader skill/specialist skill, AR, and active skill(or lack thereof). Just imagine a weapon being part of that package now.


Sadly spray i have a lot of…but the crippling lack of bronze for components and dt/pks without a boost to fac assault tickets for the store is just killing me. i spent 10 dt and pks on Wyatts harpoon (I needed a fifth man and this was right before glenn).

If we could get more weapon components regularly aside from daily sr randomization and fac assault it would be truly helpful…but that would mean less incentive to apend on premier arms wheel…where 95% of pulls arent weapons of a 4* caliber…just components.


Weapons straight outta Borderlands: Assault rifles with exploding micromissile rounds.


Torgue: A shotgun that shoots swords… AND EXPLOOOOOODEEEEEE! guitar sounds


because of ROle playing purposes.

it all began with Shiva.

She can’t use a sword obvioously.



Keep the animations. Allow the character to use any weapon but don’t allow the bound weapon to be equipped by anyone else.

Other wise you put that character is a specific roll. If you can’t crit then your not making my zombie team sorry… why be biased?


And I miss jeebus high kick. That was a sweet animation.


They shoulda made 6s always have bound then made armory supplies much more available. Would be more interesting and require maximizing a toon for a specific purposes.

That being said, of course I’m happy they didn’t as they would not have made armory supplies more available so we woulda just gotten screwed.



I’m surprised they didn’t release a 6* Jesus with a bound shoe weapon.
Steel toecaps or whatever.

Seems a waste of the animation to have it as default no one will use.


Long gone are the days when people said oh such and such should not have this weapon in the game. A mini gun in zombie world is a stretch.

So why worry about practical?

If you keep the animation but allow other weapons it opens there character up more.

When it comes to raiding the cues on weapon traits are so subtle to begin with it should not make any difference. When in doubt check the weapon before attacking a defender.