Bought a 800 coin scavenger crate and it didn't show up in my inventory

Anyone else have this happen to them? Bought the only crate I could with varying amounts of summer tokens in it and when I went to open it, it wasn’t even in my inventory.

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That’s just a marketing tactic done delibrately so you’ll get so mad that you keep buying everything unconsciously :wink:

I haven’t bought it but any chance it opened automatically

About half the time the crate never shows up. Doesn’t really matter, all you’re missing out on is a four star.

It is opened when you buy it - check the wheel.


That’s because you dont get the crate, you get the tokens inside it

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Summer tokens either get you those romanov toys, 5star tokens or an ascendables there isn’t a chance for a 4star

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Ah sorry I was thinking he was talking about the 30 day pass. My bad.

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