Bots Scopely, take them.bots

Take them away, they’re already out… They know by name… Why did you make such a fuss???.. Are we fools to read them??.. bots scopely, sheld,.
. )))

Are you referring to the support bots?

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You… :wink:

How much money?..

Doing stupid things like deleting quotes, ridiculous. Sometimes it’s really hard to follow a conversation without a quote, who wants to scroll up 20 posts to find the original message.

Why even have the quote feature if it’s auto deleted?


Why is my post hidden??? This is nuts

You said the d-word :wink:

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Gotta love those keyword checkers


Whaaaaaat??? They’re blocking that now???

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There are bots that each topic protect Scopely…


They block a lot. “$pend1ng $tr1ke,” say that and it’s an insta-flag.


Lol, they caught me :hugs:


Да, обратите на них внимание, на их письма… И вы поймёте… )

The boys will soon gain sentience and take over the forums completely. But that’s okay

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Scopely hired people who defend their interests at the forum… It is not clear?..

Do you think you’re smarter than others?..)

If Scopely offered me a job defending them, I’d take it, multi million company, I hope they pay well.

I don’t see myself as smarter than others, that’s silly. Gotta stay humble.

Here you go, they’ll hear you… ))