Bot factions for war!

I was thinking and might have found a solution save this game. My suggestion is adding bot factions to this game with mix with real factions for wars. Just like the bots on doing raids. If you add bots factions to war it can help folks gain points and well not make war so boring. I’m not sure the work that scopely have to do but I think it’s really good idea.


No thanks that would suck

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Been suggested and it was as bad of an idea then as it is now

Will be the only option to war soon enough

I would hate war if were bots

Mix of live and bots. It would help some the regions especially those that face the same 2 groups over and over

Yes but how would the bot system work attack wise because we haven’t seen a feature that allows bots to attack

Maybe they’d change it so if you die, wether you attack or they attack, your characters would be dead also like with territories??

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Maybe get negative point in that match if you fail attack and so on

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Don’t think you need bot factions. As some mentioned above. Bots can’t attack. It’s better if you allowed factions to fill the que with bots after 5 minutes of searching.

No ta… raid bots can be bad enough when tweaked deliberately so loose.

Best feature in game is war by far.

Struggling regions need to have war withdrawn free keys issues an told if active transfer out then close that region

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