Boss menu troubleshooting


I seem to have a problem. I can’t participate in the boss’s offensive ( sorry my menu is in French so I don’t know what it’s called in English) i.e. in French: “Offensive de faction”. All my teammates seem to be able to participate except me. It’s been locked on the page where it’s calculating results for weeks now…

Thnx for helping out please.


I have a faction member having the same issue. Any workaround for this yet?


My faction mates have had the same issue. The quickest way to resolve it is to leave and rejoin the faction when possible. Unfortunately, you won’t get credit for the current Assault.


Was hoping it wouldn’t come to that. Feel bad because the guy it happened to is one of our top faction assault ticket contributors. @CombatMan @CombatDevIl not sure if any of you handle this. I know this issue has been posted in the past but can’t find the original post.


Known issue and not new issue, I will try to get an update about this fix.


Is there a possible manual override or fix if I provide in PM their account code? We have a couple days left of T5 but can finish at anytime. We wanted to wait and see if this could get fixed for our member so they can get rewards.


Checked here, to have it manually fixed until we release a new version that fix it good, ask your faction mate to reach CS asking to fix it.


He submitted a ticket over 12 hours ago and hasn’t gotten a response.