Boss event was great


I want to say thank u, for the best Event since last year…
The boss Event was realy good…
Thank u scopeley


We agreed. We all enjoyed it. Got lots of stuff and some decent toons. Great end to the year. And especially pleased the event didn’t seem to be too buggy.


Rele u liked it I’m sick of RNG nonsense have 8 GPS 0 canteens after that and 14 hockey masks after maxing solange who I don’t rele want and no green 6*s to levelup maybe that’s just my punishment for pulling McKenzie lol


It would be great if Scopely did a team event similar to the last Negan event.


Great event. I got a 6* Davie and much needed gear.


I always enjoy assaults but typically I allow others to go first until the whole faction is on board besides doing what we call a love tap. I enjoyed this because there were enough to able to do some regular hits. The one thing I didn’t like was rng. As I predicted I got a whole lot of dupes including my winter pulls #4winter shivas 4th aris 4th koa. Actually pulled 4 shiva from this one wheel. I got all bandelieres and needed hockey masks. Got all tripods and needed gauntlets. Overall the one thing that could of been done better as far as communication is a in game message stating exact way of how it would work. Start times, exact time that you could start an assault and still get sweaters, and so on. If people don’t visit forums like a lot of younger players they had no idea. I think that checking rewards before starting or paying for a last one is the bright thing to do but there needs to be better communication. The other issue is once again players who followed rules and tuned in sweaters on time got screwed out of final pulls due to greed of selling more sweaters I know several players who would of purchased more sweaters and waited had they known about the extension instead they turned them in on time and we’re very upset.


Damn this event could have been perfect if they removed winter Michonne and Harlan from the winter tokens


I’d prefer it had been a little different, but I’m sure I’ll say that about most things.

For what it was, 8/10. Wouldn’t mind if it showed up again with no improvements. Would LOVE if it showed up again WITH improvements.


Anything actually rewarding and not enough of a timesink, or an insanely painful grind that it tricks people into spending is certain no NOT be repeated. I don’t feel many bought tickets, and were able to get a pull or two and some gear for reasonable effort.

Read: they aren’t in a rush to repeat, so don’t hold your breath. You shouldn’t be shocked to find out that some in $copley look at the event and call it a net loss for them.


Lol i think I did alright


Was definitely one of the best events in a long time.


could be worse, like 3 harlems


I got Richard, winter michonne and Harlan but still loved the gear


I got some chars that I already had…
that’s the way it is…still a great event


Faction Assaults were great

The winter tokens I hate with a passion.
Got 8 out of 8 dupes and had less than half of the toons available.
They need to do something about that.
I don’t want 3 Koas…not even 1. I have him.
I bought offers and won’t be doing so again.


I unfortunately got Harlan as a 5* from my one pull.


I’d say you go dupes like everyone else u just happen to get a good dupe. Try getting 4 Christmas shivas or 4th aris, 4th koa…but yeah you Def got lucky. …thus however shows how high odds have been for getting the same char endlessly. …u got 2 in one pull…


I feel your pain


I have 4 michonnes 4 xmas shivas 4 koas 3 of those green Eugene legends 4 of the og dwight legends and 8 of shiva legends talk about dupes lmao that’s only a few


Lol same I have 4or 5 og shivas, I’ve had too many to count yumikos, tyrese, carls, miras, and tons of triplecets of 5*. Why can’t I get 4 disarm blue chonnes, or 4 violets? They try and say the percent for the characters is the same but I don’t believe that. I am pretty sure that toons like Christmas shiva, richard, chonnr, etc all had much higher odds.