Boring mf weekend

Thanks for a super boring weekend @JB.Scopely … lame bro super lame

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Game has been baf. You just realizing this?


What is war???

yall know why is it this way? they want to spend some time off the game. ill hate on em later on but let em have the free time…

Dont forget to spend on cans so you can help your faction get those awesome rewards of an extra lilth cause these events are only 24 hours

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Couldn’t agree more… @JB.Scopely this is a game. It’s not mandatory to play. Those of us who want war should have gotten it. Such a bad move as war is the only thing that keeps a majority of the player base even engaged in this game. What’s it going to be? 9 level ups in a row? Without any gear either. Keep it up :+1:t2::+1:t2:


The problem is when they start a war, there will be fk ups and people from scopely will need to work on the game. No war, everyone has a day off.

Lol you actually think people are working on the game during The Weeknd :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: get real dude did you see the guy with 60 billion points get fixed before the war was over . No if they were at work Saturday and Sunday that would of been taken care of and speaking of witch did anything ever come of that ?

What is it good for? Absolutely nothing … sing it.

Lol at you thinking things are fixed even if they are at work during the weekdays or ever. :rofl: Shit doesnt even get fixed when it says so in the patch notes, they cant fix anything even if they really tried.

Nope x 7 (char)

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