Bored , very bored

Why couldn’t we have a blitz or AOW whilst the whales are off polishing their ego’s.
Instead we get more pointless level ups, where most people seem to be levelling useless toons that will never be used due to RNG making sure we hardly ever get anything that will improve our teams.


I can’t remember the last time we had a blitz war, or scopely ever giving a fuck


Everyone has level up. We get raid in place of ToC. Yes they could/should have given blitz instead but I don’t want a CRW every second weekend and a blitz on the off weekends.

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You simply mean that Lee has 2 factions of whales, who are off polishing their ego’s lol

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Was a pretty bad weekend for events only level up which with all the Benedicts only took me about 30min and raid which won’t take long either

Why didn’t you transfer into the TOC if you wanted war?

Why should we need to ? Is this a 2 tier game now ?

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Per JB, it is technically not feasible for them to run a side aow or crw while running toc war.

Seems like it. You had the option to transfer in and choose not to. It’s not like they aren’t keeping the same crw schedule.

Thanks for that far more civilised information Thomas. Hope you are well mate.


Judging by all the whining I made a good decision

You did. It’s just a 24 hour blitz. Nothing special.

They could, they would just have to code it as such. But they’re lazy, quite frankly. They always say they cannot do this or that, but when it comes down to them losing money, suddenly they can do it and in relatively short order.

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Who called you stupid?

Still you had to transfer into a loaded region or a region where the old factions did not bale to be able to still be in wars…two out of top three in last ToC and well region still didn’t qualify. Stupid design

That esp idiot but it’s all deleted now

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Definately not arguing that TOC is a huge failure.

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